Veritas Launches Information Management Solutions for Google Cloud Platform


Data is proliferating at an exponential rate.  And many organizations are looking to the cloud to help with this challenge. As an example, recent research from Veritas on the State of Hybrid Cloud reveals that 31% of organizations are already using the cloud for their backup and recovery workload.  Now, organizations can combine market leading NetBackup and Backup Exec with one of the world’s leading cloud providers – Google.  Organizations can confidently adopt the Google public cloud environment as a backup destination, run backup from a public cloud and perform disaster recovery to or from the Google Cloud Platform. All while ensuring visibility and control for hybrid cloud environments.

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Recent Announcements

Veritas NetBackup™ 7.7 is extending its Google Cloud Platform integration with support for Google Cloud Storage (GCS) Coldline.

“Veritas’ collaboration with Google underscores our shared commitment to managing the world’s information and helping customers gain accessibility and insights from their data,” said Scott Anderson, Senior Vice President of Information Protection Solutions at Veritas. “By extending our support of the Google Cloud Platform to Coldline, we’re enabling our customers with more cloud storage choices to better balance their service level objectives, compliance requirements and spend for data that is necessary to keep, but rarely accessed.”

GCS Coldline offers organizations an ideal cloud destination for long-term archiving and disaster recovery of cold data with no compromise on latency or availability. Veritas previously offered day-one support of GCS Nearline for storing infrequently accessed backup data (i.e. less than once a month). Seamless integration with the Veritas NetBackup Appliances gives organizations a complete solution for managing data through its lifecycle. The NetBackup Appliance offers optimized local storage for critical backup data that needs to be readily accessible for quick restore, but which can then be automatically moved through different tiers of storage, including the Google cloud storage classes, as data ages.

Veritas Information Map further illuminates unstructured data assets across the global storage environment for complete visibility, easy management, and new levels of insight from which smarter decisions can be made.

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Veritas Backup Exec 15 supports Google Cloud Storage Standard and Durable Reduced Availability Storage, creating compelling advantages for organizations looking to implement agile IT improving availability and reducing risks and costs. Backup Exec 15 can be deployed on-premises and in-the-cloud for disk-to-disk-to-cloud and direct-to-cloud backups.

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