Veritas Alta™ eDiscovery

A powerful, end-to-end eDiscovery solution for your EDRM needs.

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Optimize eDiscovery workflow with a single solution.

The scale and complexity of eDiscovery requirements can only be addressed through a unified approach. Veritas Alta eDiscovery is a complete, cloud-based solution that enables you to easily collect, review, and produce information for legal and investigation needs.

Implement a proven end-to-end solution for cloud-based EDRM.

Capture Anything

Easily capture defensible collections from more than 120 content sources.

Journal What Matters

Be proactive about regulatory compliance with journal archiving of sensitive data.

Mitigate Risk

Identify unstructured files and expose data liabilities to meet compliance requirements.

Review Efficiently

Obtain fast, accurate results with purpose-built review and upstream eDiscovery.

Capture content from any communication channel.

Achieve end-to-end SaaS eDiscovery with reactive collection of the data sources most relevant to your operations.

  • Capture defensible, targeted Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) collections from more than 120 content sources for collaboration, chat, social media, voice, and more.
  • Enrich metadata of collected content for unique early case assessment.
  • Expose and delete trivial data captures to reduce migration time and costs.


Enhance eDiscovery workflows with proactive archiving.

Journal and archive in a single, scalable, and searchable online repository within our secure multitenant data centers.

  • Classify content and identify the most important items to reduce risk.
  • Ensure data archive and high-risk data management across all storage environments meets data governance requirements.
  • Locate relevant data quickly for discovery, supervision, privacy, and legal challenges.
  • Provide advanced data archiving and retention capabilities for better eDiscovery flexibility and scalability.

Conduct in-depth risk and compliance analysis.

Classify and contextualize content by simplifying how you search through data, gain insights, and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Identify potential access issues or malicious insider behavior based on metadata and activity.
  • Leverage integrated file analysis, data loss prevention, and archiving solutions.
  • Capture user activity for billions of actions to identify trend lines and prevent risk threats.

Move eDiscovery higher in the EDRM process.

Accelerate eDiscovery and other investigative inquiries with advanced indexing technology and powerful search capabilities.

  • Stay ahead of potential legal and investigation issues with purpose-built review and upstream eDiscovery as a service.
  • Allow designated reviewers and administrators to easily perform self-service, online exports of search results.
  • Enable multiple reviewers to interact and collaborate on a specific matter as part of eDiscovery.

Use case for Veritas Alta eDiscovery.

How to gain control over the explosion of Microsoft Teams data.

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eDiscovery Platform

Respond quickly and easily to legal, regulatory, and discovery requests.

Enterprise Vault

Automated data capture and information archiving.

Data Insight

Enterprise-class data compliance and governance.

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