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Take a 360 approach to managing citizen data.

Drive mission success with 360 Data Management.

Veritas helps federal, state and local governments meet mission goals and better serve its citizens. Our 360 Data Management approach securely manages data—no matter where it lives—for all-round protection, availability and insight.

Learn how we help governments with comprehensive data management.



The enormous data volumes that the local, national, and international governmental bodies and associated agencies handle, create the need for a robust, secure, and cost-efficient storage infrastructure.

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Move to the Cloud

We help you make confident, informed decisions about migrating your data to the multi-cloud—before, during and after the move.


Analyze Your Risk

You can't protect what you can't see. Try our new Risk Analysis Tool to determine what you can do to better protect your data.

Control Your Information

Successful Information Governance brings together the right people, processes and technology to develop a sustainable strategy that reduces the risk to your agency.


Resiliency is Your Best Defense

Implementing an IT resiliency strategy is one way agencies can combat today’s IT security threats and better protect, store and manage ever-increasing volumes of data.

Transform data chaos into an information asset.

Faced with spiraling infrastructure growth and expense, government agencies are paralyzed if they don’t understand what data they own, what data is an asset and what data should be considered a liability. Data Insight can help you:

  • Scan billions of files
  • Dynamically identify areas of waste and value
  • Ensure policy-based access compliance
  • Alert against anomalous user behavior