Backup Appliance Solutions

Data protection edge to core to cloud.


NetBackup Flex Scale Appliance


Scale quickly to meet
performance requirements.


NetBackup Flex Appliances

Veritas Flex Appliances Family

Create. Consolidate. Upgrade.
All in record time.


NetBackup Appliances

Veritas NetBackup Appliances Family

High-performance, fully-featured NetBackup environments.


Access Appliance

Access Appliance Family

Cost-effective, long-term
retention that's scalable.


Data protection edge to core to cloud.

Protect your data everywhere it lives with Veritas Appliances.



Veritas Appliances for complete protection of your enterprise edge.


Protect remote offices and branch locations with the same NetBackup Enterprise Class data protection as the core. The Flex 5150, 5250 and NetBackup Virtual Appliances have a small
footprint and they're easy to use.


Veritas Appliances for complete protection of your core data center.


Simplify backups. Consolidate NetBackup deployments with the Flex 5350 and 5340 Appliances. Run single deployments on fully featured NetBackup 5350, 5340, 5250 and
5240 Appliances with optimal performance.


Veritas Appliances for faster backup to the cloud.


NetBackup CloudCatalyst automates the path to the cloud and fits into existing NetBackup environments. Reduce data size by 50 percent. Accelerate every move in and out of the
cloud with NetBackup CloudCatalyst.



Value of Veritas Appliances


Optimized Integration


See how Veritas Appliances
optimize your integration.



Hardened Security


Explore the hardened security
of Veritas Appliances.



Simplified Management


Total visibility. Zero unknowns. Get
the single pane you always wanted.



Proactive Support


Streamline your support. Put predictive insights on your side.



Veritas NetBackup Flex offers advanced, hardware-level security hardening and more
comprehensive protection from ransomware than Cohesity, Commvault or Rubrik.


Is There Vendor Lock-in With Veritas?
NetBackup Appliances eliminate concerns about vendor lock-in because licenses are not coupled to the hardware. When an organization licenses the NetBackup backup and restore software, it is licensed independently from the appliance hardware. All NetBackup software licenses are also transferable to new hardware. If the organization ever decides to return to building its own appliance, it can simply transfer the existing NetBackup license to the new hardware. The reverse is also true: If an organization wants to move away from BYO appliances, it’s easy to transfer existing licenses from existing BYO appliances to the NetBackup Appliance.
Aren't BYO (build your own) Appliances a More Cost-effective Solution?
BYO is deceptively complicated. In an effort to save on hardware costs, enterprises may acquire their own appliance hardware and backup and recovery software only to discover the BYO decision has proven more costly and more inconvenient over the long term. Building any backup and recovery appliance successfully requires not only installation of the backup and recovery software and underlying appliance operating system software, but also installation of the correct I/O cards and proper integration with the correct drivers. To ensure optimal speed, maximize storage and attain the best possible performance, the integration of all components needs to be optimal as well. If they are not optimally integrated, the organization will not use the hardware to its full capability and will have to purchase more hardware to make up the difference. Over time, the BYO appliance effort can turn into a much larger initiative than anticipated, forcing the infrastructure team to switch its focus from managing the organization’s complex environments to building, deploying, managing and securing appliances instead.
Why Should I Choose Veritas For Backup Appliance Solutions?

Veritas Technologies is a global leader in enterprise data management. Over fifty thousand enterprises—including 90% of the Fortune 500— rely on us to abstract IT complexity and simplify data management. Our Enterprise Data Services Platform automates the protection and orchestrates the recovery of data everywhere it lives, ensures 24/7 availability of business critical applications, and provides enterprises with the insights they need to comply with evolving data regulations. With a reputation for reliability at scale and a deployment model to fit any need, Veritas supports more than 500 data sources and over 150 storage targets, including 50 clouds.

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