Best-in-class enterprise backup and recovery.

Unified data protection across all environments.

As the #1 data backup and recovery solution worldwide, NetBackup gives enterprise IT a simple and powerful way to ensure the integrity and availability of their data – from edge to core to cloud. With 100 exabytes of information currently under management, no other solution comes close.

87% of the Fortune Global 500 choose NetBackup.

Our integrated approach delivers unmatched performance and cost savings.

Flexible deployment

Support for any workload, any cloud, any architecture – at any scale.

Operational simplicity

Orchestrate and automate discovery, protection and recovery.

Enterprise-Grade Resilience

Ensure recovery of business-critical data with near-zero RPO and RTO.

An end-to-end ransomware solution

Close the gaps in your ransomware resiliency strategy. NetBackup ensures data integrity, monitors your environment relentlessly and lets you recover at scale with ease.


Ensure data integrity.

  • Role-based access control
  • Two-factor authentication
  • In-transit encryption with TLS encryption and at-rest with AES 256
  • Storage-agnostic immutability support


Mitigate threats.

  • AI/ML anomaly detection
  • Receive actionable insights
  • Holistic view of entire application infrastructure
  • Constantly scan for potential threats with predictive analytics


Maintain business continuity.

  • Multiple recovery methods to meet your RTO and RPO needs
  • Flexible granular recovery
  • Orchestrated and automated recovery at scale
  • Measure and prove recoverability through built-in workflows

Hybrid and multi-cloud data protection

End-to-end deduplication, resilience, migration, snapshot orchestration and disaster recovery. One solution manages it all, across all clouds.

Private Cloud

  • Optimized backup and tier to cloud with NetBackup CloudCatalyst
  • Backup in cloud: support for IaaS/PaaS workloads in multiple tenants across multiple clouds
  • Orchestrated workload migration to and in between clouds for AWS and Azure with NetBackup Resiliency Manager
  • Bulk data migration and seeding with AWS Snowball & Azure Data Box

Cloud backups

  • Unified multi-tenanted management for cloud service providers
  • 200+ APIs to easily manage and automate backup tasks, rolling features and functionalities into your existing NetBackup infrastructure
  • Expanded cloud-native snapshot orchestration capabilities managed from a single pane of glass

DR in the cloud

  • Minimize RPO and RTO while ensuring enterprise SLA compliance
  • Access a DR suite of tools via the modern web UI integrated into NetBackup
  • Automate and orchestrate DR, single-click recovery, custom scripting, at-scale recovery in the cloud, and DR rehearsals
  • Leverage your DR environment for testing and development
  • Push-button business continuity


  • Continuous data protection provides ransomware protection with zero impact to production
  • With a single click, restore your entire infrastructure to a point in time prior to infection
  • Minimize data loss and RTO and reduce operational workloads
  • Ensure that once your systems are backed up, they are ransomware-free

Backup for virtual environments in the cloud

NetBackup delivers agentless backup, instant access and reliable granular data recovery in the cloud that can scale with your virtual machine environment.


  • VMware
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Nutanix AHV
  • Red Hat Virtualization


Mitigate threats.

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) for secure self-service
  • Agentless architecture reduces complexity and consumption
  • Granular Recovery Technology optimizes recovery from individual files and folders to VMs and VMDKs
  • Native plugins for VMware vCenter, vRealize Orchestration, vRealize Automation and ServiceNow plug-in


  • Instantly access up to 50 vSphere VMs simultaneously
  • Instantly recover VMs by booting from backup disk storage and provide access to apps while migrating them to primary storage
  • Find and restore single files or folders without mounting and browsing the full VM
  • Restore VM objects from agentless backups and hardware snapshots


  • Resource limits minimize the load per ESXi host and balance backups across hosts
  • Snapshot integration across storage arrays and clouds – separately or using multiple transport methods
  • Transport modes offer four ways to back up VM data

Business resilience: automated and at-scale

Secure your data with 60+ public cloud storage targets, an automated, SLA-driven resiliency platform and a new supportive integration with NetBackup.

Operational simplicity

  • Resiliency and UX integration with simplified management via a single console
  • Single-click workload mobility without time-consuming data conversions
  • Automated, orchestrated recovery for multi-tier applications in the cloud and on-premises

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

  • Orchestrated, automated, at-scale disaster recovery across regions within Azure and AzureStack
  • Multi-SLO compliance for complex multi-tiered applications
  • Ransomware protection: point-in-time recovery with near-zero RPO

Compliance & Performance

  • Ensure compliance with the most stringent SLAs via audit reports and non-disruptive recovery rehearsals
  • Meet all RTOs and RPOs
  • Reduce CapEx and TCO while maintaining visibility into recovery readiness


  • Continuous data protection provides a game-changing capability to recover from ransomware and malware attacks
  • Regain access to data on your entire infrastructure during a point in time prior to infection in a single click
  • Minimize data loss and RTO and reduce operational workloads
  • Ensure that once your systems are back up, they are ransomware-free

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Latest Release of NetBackup

  • Native Kubernetes support provides integrated, scalable container-agnostic protection for all major Kubernetes deployments across all architecture layers.
  • Cloud autoscaling – Dynamically re-size cloud resources as required – ensuring that protection needs are met while optimizing costs.
  • Cloud intelligent policies – Back up snapshots to anywhere using the same protection policies on-premises and in the cloud.
  • AI/ML anomaly detection – Utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically detect and notify administrators if backup data changes unexpectedly.
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