NetBackup Self-Service

Self-service data protection for a heterogeneous world.


Make backup and recovery simple again

Provide your IT operations team, your application owners, and your individual business users with an easy-to-use web portal to perform backup and restore jobs independently without needing to pick up the phone or join your help desk queue. Your backup team defines the catalog of backup and recovery policies and comprehensive automated workflows to enforce standards and ensure frictionless governance.

  • Unlock agility and boost employee productivity
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate manual jobs
  • Drive down costs with multitenancy and automation
  • Enforce standards and reduce risks with policy-based controls

Create a comprehensive service catalog

Unlock agility and boost productivity

  • Reduce help desk queues with instant access to backup copies and push-button recovery to any destination from one easy-to-use portal
  • Offer a catalog of templates to automate backup and recovery and ensure corporate compliance
  • Integrate existing management and cloud consoles with predefined workflows to automate backup and recovery

Orchestrate recovery operations

Automate backup and recovery

  • Auto-register server clients from existing NetBackup policies to reduce setup time while mitigating risk of unprotected clients
  • Use standardized service levels and policies to ensure consistency when your environment scales to the cloud
  • Offload routine jobs by giving business users one-click backup, recovery, reporting, and more

Enhance cost controls

Drive down costs

  • Use automated policies and workflows to select and use the best storage option per your retention schedules to prevent waste
  • Track and report usage by individual user, group, business unit, or customer
  • Enable a shared service model to maximize resource use, reduce complexity, and achieve fast return on your investments

New in NetBackup 8.0: Self-Service

Fast deployment, VMware vRealize Automation plugin, and more

Getting started with NetBackup Self-Service is easy: All you need is two servers or virtual machines—one for the web portal and one for the Microsoft SQL database. After setup, simply use the portal to administer your users and policies. Zero modifications to your existing NetBackup environment required.

  • Automate protection and restore actions via the NetBackup Self-Service API using the new VMware vRealize Automation plugin with example workflows
  • Support specific customer processes and integrations
  • Improve automation registration of individual computers from existing NetBackup policies
  • Reduce time to market with fast deployment
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