NetBackup Self-Service

Self-service data protection for a heterogeneous world

Backup and recovery made simple

Empower IT operations, application owners and even individual business users with an easy-to-use web portal, NetBackup Self-Service, to perform backup and restore jobs independently. Enable your organization with quick, on-demand access to backup copies and push-button recovery, removing delays and the manual, routine work of existing processes. With granular role-based access controls and policy-based options available to each user or group, you’re in complete control.

Empower IT operations

  • Unlock agility and boost productivity.
  • Drive down costs with multi-tenancy and orchestration capabilities.
  • Increase efficiency and simplify management.
  • Eliminate manual jobs with automation.
  • Enforce standards and reduce risks with policy-based controls.
  • Use features and capabilities for VMware.
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Latest Release: NetBackup Self-Service

Updated backup policy, improved VMware Cloud Director import, easier installation and configuration, backup retention beyond 2038

  • Support for VMware Cloud Director 10.1.
  • Improved VMware Cloud Director import messaging on partial successes and failures.
  • Improved telemetry between NetBackup and NetBackup Self-Service.
  • Support for SQL Server 2019 (and removal of support for SQL Server 2012).
  • And more!
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One of the key reasons we switched to NetBackup is that Veritas deployment cycles are about twice as fast as at our previous backup partner.
Richard Morris
Solution Line Manager
Colt Technology Services

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