Veritas and Amazon Web Services

Cloud Data Management for AWS


A 360° approach to AWS cloud data management

Organizations are at different stages of their transition to the cloud. As the leader in enterprise data management and an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Veritas helps make the adoption of AWS infrastructure simple and cost-effective by delivering:


Global data

Simple cloud

Optimized application

Unified data

"…my conversations with customers now are all about how they can leverage the cloud.”

David Cintron, VP, Managed Services, dcVAST

Start with the right data protection foundation

Many organizations are under mandate to shift capex to opex and accelerate their cloud transformation. A logical starting place is leveraging the cloud for secondary data storage. But it’s more than just moving data to the cloud, it’s about moving the right data at the right time to the right place. NetBackup ensures the efficient movement of backup data to AWS storage, and can also be simply deployed (via the NetBackup AMI) within AWS to protect cloud-based workloads. The deep integration with Veritas Information Map gives organizations the global data visibility to ensure they’re in control of the management of their data no matter where it is in its lifecycle.

Veritas NetBackup for AWS:

  • Backs up on-premises data to AWS
  • Protects cloud-based workloads
  • Enables global data visibility

Deploy NetBackup for AWS

Commercial and small businesses alike look to capitalize on the added agility, flexibility, and economics of the AWS cloud. However, protecting data is no less critical for these businesses than it is for the largest of enterprises. For simple, straight-forward backup and recovery, try Backup Exec.

Veritas Backup Exec for AWS:

  • Sends backups to the cloud
  • Backs up EC2 instances to S3

Deploy Backup Exec for AWS
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Ensure efficient migration, optimum performance and resiliency of critical applications

Lifting and shifting enterprise applications to the cloud can impose extreme performance tradeoffs. The application-awareness and intelligent data caching built into InfoScale software-defined storage offerings alleviates those trade-offs, giving customers an accelerated, yet enterprise-ready environment to maximize mission-critical application performance in the cloud. This means that organizations with mission critical tier-one applications such as Oracle, TIBCO, SAP and other resource-intensive workloads, can now take advantage of the flexibility and economics of AWS infrastructure without sacrificing the required performance, scale, and resiliency – a compelling complement/alternative to refactoring these applications.

Veritas InfoScale for AWS:

  • Mission-critical application performance in AWS
  • Storage Reliability meeting SLA/SLO requirements
  • Efficient and intelligent data migration to AWS
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery

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