Accelerate your digital transformation with Veritas and AWS

As IT organizations look to support their companies' digital transformation efforts, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a growing part of their strategy. Customers on this journey require tools that enable seamless migration of data and application services to, from, and within AWS infrastructure. Veritas’ software-driven approach and 360 Data Management capabilities help these organizations accelerate their adoption of AWS as an extension of their IT strategy while allowing them to protect existing data center investments.

  • Gain global data visibility to optimize cloud storage costs while reducing data risks
  • Simplify workload migration to and from AWS
  • Leverage AWS as a disaster recovery target
  • Optimize application performance on AWS
  • Unify data protection for on-premises and AWS-based workloads

Migrate workloads to AWS

Ensure resiliency, performance, and protection of new and legacy workloads

  • Migrate mission-critical applications to AWS and make zero compromise on performance and agility
  • Extend data protection capabilities for all workloads, on-premises and in AWS
  • Ensure application high availability across AWS zones and regions

Move data to AWS

Optimize storage efficiency and ensure data compliance

  • Optimize storage costs and performance by using AWS for tiered data storage
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive on-premises tape infrastructure by using AWS for long-term data archiving
  • Mitigate regulatory risks by intelligently moving the right data to AWS at the right time

Orchestrate disaster recovery to AWS

Automate failover and failback of IT business services

  • Recover quickly with direct integration to AWS EC2; no S3-to-EC2 conversion required
  • Increase disaster recovery readiness with automated migration and non-disruptive recovery testing
  • Lower the risks and impact of unplanned downtime by avoiding the complexity of manual processes or native tools

New 360 Data Management for AWS Capabilities

Access, InfoScale, and Resiliency Platform are now AWS-ready

Veritas accelerates organizations' digital transformation by extending trusted data management capabilities to the cloud, increasing their adoption of AWS cloud services, and realization of a true hybrid IT environment.

  • Get storage tiering for unstructured data workloads to AWS S3 with Veritas Access
  • Practice seamless enterprise application migrations without compromise with Veritas InfoScale for AWS
  • Gain orchestrated, automated failover and failback to or from AWS with Veritas Resiliency Platform

Illuminate dark data

Reduce the risks and costs of moving data to the cloud

Most enterprises believe cloud storage relieves the massive costs of storing and managing growing amounts of data, but blindly moving data to the cloud can actually drive up costs and increase regulatory risks. With Veritas Information Map, an AWS-hosted data visualization tool, enterprises can better understand what data they have, make smarter decisions about what to move where and when, and ultimately identify what they should delete. Using the AWS connector support built into Veritas 360 Data Management for the Cloud solutions, they can then seamlessly migrate data to AWS.

  • Take action on the 33% of enterprise data that is redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT)
  • Shed light on the 52% of enterprise data that is dark
  • Use Veritas 360 Data Management capabilities to move data intelligently to the cloud while optimizing costs

Protect AWS-based workloads

Extend a trusted data protection platform to AWS to complement native cloud data durability

By using NetBackup in the cloud as well as in on-premises data centers and remote offices, you gain a unified, efficient data protection experience. Doing so also results in a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and dramatically simplified operation, advantages siloed and disparate point products simply can’t provide. With the latest release of NetBackup, you can now use the new NetBackup Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for a preconfigured, customizable cloud deployment of NetBackup in minutes.

  • Unify data protection across all locations for lower TCO, optimal management control, and risk mitigation
  • Protect physical, virtual, and cloud environments with a single platform
  • Complement AWS data durability with enterprise-class data protection

Boost performance while controlling costs

Enable performance and cost-optimized software-defined storage for unstructured data workloads

Customers can leverage Veritas Access to provision storage resources on-premises or in AWS based on workload requirements and intelligently migrate data to lower tiers of storage including AWS S3 and Glacier to optimize for costs. Access intelligently identifies highly accessed data and caches it locally, boosting the performance of unstructured data workloads like big data applications and allowing you to provision lower-cost tiers to meet the same or better performance needs. When you’re no longer or less frequently accessing data, you can move it from EBS tiers to S3 or Glacier via policy to further optimizing cost management of the environment.

  • Ensure optimized data movement to AWS using a variety of protocols like object, block, NFS, and CIFS/SMB
  • Enable intelligent, flexible data movement between AWS tiers while retaining original file access paths
  • Automatically provision the right tier of AWS storage (EBS and S3) by running Access as an EC2 instance

Drive workload portability to AWS

Fully automate failover and failback of IT business services to and from AWS

Resiliency Platform now offers fully automated and orchestrated failover and failback for workloads to and from AWS as part of a wide-area hybrid cloud disaster recovery strategy. Plus you can do so for either temporary or permanent consumption of AWS infrastructure. And because Resiliency Platform integrates directly into AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS), recovery and migration of assets to AWS is quicker, especially for IO-intensive applications.

  • Automate all resiliency operations, including failover, failback, migration, and recovery testing
  • Recover or migrate critical workloads to AWS with a single click
  • Avoid the complexity of multiple native tools and manual processes with one cost-effective, heterogeneous solution across all environments

Architect for performance, scale, and availability

Enable lift and shift of Tier 1 apps to AWS

With InfoScale for AWS, organizations can leverage intelligent data caching in AWS instance store for improved throughput, form shared-nothing clusters with EBS volumes for horizontal scalability, and enable high availability for Tier 1 mission-critical applications. InfoScale for AWS can help organizations of any size take full advantage of AWS with a single console for storage management that optimizes storage on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Lift and shift resource-intensive applications like Informatica, SAS, Oracle RAC, SAP, Tibco, etc. to AWS
  • Ensure you meet performance, resiliency, and scalability requirements
  • Cloud burst to AWS during peak workloads with support for traditional, multitier, and containerized applications