Embrace the Microsoft cloud

Stay in control of your data

Enterprises are increasingly looking to Microsoft to help power their digital transformation as they adopt Azure cloud services and Office 365. These same organizations look to Veritas to help retain control of their data and stay in regulatory compliance. The strategic partnership between Veritas and Microsoft gives them the best of both worlds by accelerating their digital transformation while managing the data risks, complexity, and costs that come with change.

  • Lower storage costs and modernize data protection by easily sending backup data to Microsoft Azure
  • Meet rigorous business and regulatory demands for preserving data and enable rapid eDiscovery search and review of Office 365

Modernize data protection and lower storage costs

Use inexpensive cloud storage to eliminate tape reliance

  • Simplify data protection with secure, scalable Azure cloud storage
  • Reduce and convert capital expenses to a more predictable, manageable pay-as-you-go operating expense cost structure
  • Replace cumbersome, expensive tape backup and administration processes with easy-to-use Azure cloud storage

Assume control of your information ecosystem

Extend compliance-ready archiving capabilities to Office 365

  • Satisfy email retention requirements and automate proof of compliance by journaling an immutable copy of every email
  • Mitigate the risks of holding data with a single vendor by creating a secondary copy stored in another location
  • Accelerate eDiscovery with advanced legal hold, search, and review capabilities

Use cloud infrastructure to simplify disaster recovery

Reduce costs by spinning up cloud resources only when needed

  • Easily replicate data from data centers and remote offices to recover in Microsoft Azure
  • Reduce complexity and costs while meeting RTO/RPO service levels
  • Orchestrate failover/failback of complex IT services

New 360 Data Management for the Microsoft Cloud

Veritas and Microsoft form strategic partnership to accelerate your digital transformation

Veritas and Microsoft have embarked on a multiyear, global strategic partnership to help organizations streamline the adoption of Azure and optimize hybrid-cloud environments with new management and governance capabilities.

  • Gain improved data lifecycle management capabilities using storage tiering to Azure with NetBackup
  • Reduce costs and improve manageability by seamlessly moving backup data to Azure with Backup Exec
  • Improve eDiscovery readiness via policy-based information retention of Office 365 data with Enterprise Vault.cloud

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Azure storage

Extend your data protection strategy with cloud storage

Move archived or infrequently accessed data off-site to cost-effective Azure storage for long-term retention or disaster recovery while keeping local copies on-site for fast recovery of critical systems.

  • Maintain global data visibility across your entire environment
  • Orchestrate when and how you move data to the cloud with automated policies
  • Shrink storage requirements and cut network use with intelligent deduplication and built-in compression
  • Be confident of complete data security with data encrypted in transit and at rest

Unify protection of Azure-based workloads

Complement storage durability with data protection

Placing NetBackup in the cloud is a smart way to extend proven, enterprise-level data protection to your cloud-based workloads while also simplifying your on-premises data protection requirements

  • Strengthen data protection and reduce risks with centralized, policy-based controls
  • Orchestrate, manage, and govern data protection across all Azure, virtual, and bare-metal servers via a single backup console
  • Protect cloud-based workloads against data corruption and accidental or malicious data deletion

Easily integrate Office 365 archiving and eDiscovery

Defensibly retain and discover Office 365 data

As a journal archive, Enterprise Vault.cloud provides an essential layer of functionality beyond the native in-place archive in Office 365. This additional functionality is necessary to meet the compliance obligations of regulated organizations and to defensibly follow legal procedures.

  • Capture all emails and email metadata with a journal archive, so you know nothing is missing
  • Automatically retain what Office 365 might not, such as departed employees’ archives
  • Ensure you’ve followed defensible procedures for a secure evidentiary chain of custody
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