The Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform for Education

One solution for your toughest data management challenges—both inside and outside the classroom.

Higher education institutions are overwhelmed with data, from faculty systems and emails to cutting-edge research to sensitive student records. Moreover, the cost of managing all this data is a top concern. We’ll help you secure, protect and harness your digital information—so you can provide better, safer student outcomes.



Today’s students are always on. Constituents in education require 24/7 access to applications and data to meet their needs.



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Education institutions accumulate high volumes of sensitive data, making them a primary target for cyber attackers. Ensure comprehensive data protection for your organization.


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Immerse yourself in deep analytics and interconnected insights across the critical components of your IT infrastructure, both on premises and in the cloud.


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Gain valuable insights with Veritas.

APTARETM IT Analytics enables education institutions to gain insights into data that shapes the optimal student experience.

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Simplify your data management.

Universities have thousands of endpoints and must manage access for students, faculty and visitors, creating a unique data environment with significant security and data protection challenges. We help you take control.

Full compliance

Veritas meets compliance requirements for education institutions at the state and national level—ensuring that solutions are up and running smoothly and on time.

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Our partners

In addition to supporting AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and IBM, we work with key partners who understand the unique needs of the education sector.

  • CDW-G
  • Hitachi
  • Nutanix
  • VMware

System-wide protection

Keep data secure no matter where it lives. Recognized by Gartner as a 14-times leader in Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions, Veritas provides comprehensive data protection against ransomware, endpoint security threats and more.