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We solve what no one else can.



What can Veritas do for me?


Spark innovation within me.

Design elegant solutions for customers, explore
your passions and showcase your creativity.


Reward my contributions.

Get compensated for your contributions, gain
peace of mind and expand your horizons.


Enable me to do good.

Dive into volunteerism, help your communities
and support global sustainability initiatives.


Enrich me through diversity
and inclusion.

Join an Employee Resource Group, promote
gender parity and overcome unconscious biases.


Continuously accelerate
my growth.

Exchange just-in-time feedback, seize new opportunities and chart your best career path.


Guide my actions through
shared values.

Create value for customers, collaborate for
success and inspire trust with accountability.


Employee Value Proposition

Veritas solves what no one else can.
We understand data—it’s at the heart of everything we do.
Veritas is proven, trusted, innovative and future-proofs organizations.
In a world where enterprises are challenged with ever-increasing
data growth, threats and regulations, we solve what no one else can.

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Team Spotlight

“What we do here is really complicated…we are bringing the most important information to people…it's going to help us to come to solutions that make our world a different place.”

Shana Sachs, Senior Manager, Brand and Executive Programs
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Join us to solve what no one else can and be part of bold new breakthroughs. Tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges by unlocking the true power of information—and your potential. Create a better, brighter future for all.