360 Data Management for IBM Cloud

Retain control, move workloads and stay compliant across clouds.

Adopt the IBM Cloud

Drive enterprise cloud transformation

Enterprises are in the midst of an IT transformation and are demanding availability, scalability, and resiliency across their technology environments. Many are including the cloud as part of their hybrid infrastructure and need proven solutions to manage, optimize, and protect expanding data volumes, multitier business services, and high-performance applications. Veritas’ partnership with IBM supports this transformation by letting you use familiar resiliency, backup, and object storage services via IBM Cloud.

  • Accelerate workload migrations to IBM Cloud
  • Extend data protection for cloud-based workloads
  • Provide high availability and disaster recovery for demanding, business-critical applications

Easily manage your extended infrastructure

Adjust and scale across hybrid environments

  • Rapidly provision, de-provision, and modify your cloud infrastructure as needed
  • Reduce costs with integrated solutions through the IBM Bluemix Cloud Catalogue
  • Securely scale enterprise data management capabilities across IBM Cloud

Simplify your workload migrations

Apply existing policies in the cloud

  • Support high-performance applications without adding additional storage
  • Automatically shift data through storage tiers as it ages
  • Minimize the costs associated with workload migrations

Accelerate adoption of cloud services

Transform your data center strategy

  • Reach your digital transformation goals with the combined expertise of two recognized industry leaders
  • Simplify the process of ensuring availability, scalability, and resiliency across hybrid cloud environments
  • Confidently architect the exact infrastructure your business requires without changing your toolset

New 360 Data Management for IBM Cloud

IBM and Veritas join forces to accelerate your digital transformation

IBM and Veritas have extended their long-standing strategic partnership to drive enterprise cloud transformation across hybrid cloud environments. This collaboration will deliver Veritas’ 360 Data Management for the Cloud capabilities to IBM Cloud, beginning with certification of key Veritas products for immediate use with IBM Cloud.

  • Enhance data lifecycle management via storage tiering with NetBackup
  • Ensure global business continuity across your on-premises and hybrid environments with Resiliency Platform

Extend on-premises data protection policies to the cloud

Use consistent policies, governance, and compliance in IBM Cloud

Now you can easily identify which workloads to move to IBM Cloud while ensuring reliability, performance, and availability across all your environments. IBM and Veritas help streamline your hybrid cloud data management efforts.

  • Consistently protect critical applications using the same policies in the cloud as on-premises
  • Use existing perpetual licenses to extend your infrastructure to the cloud with no additional costs
  • Leverage pay-as-you-go-pricing for your data protection needs

Expand your disaster recovery strategy to the cloud

Shift workloads to and from IBM Cloud quickly with automated recovery orchestration

What if you could take a more comprehensive DR approach that protected both your on-premises and cloud environments? Now you can by taking advantage of fully automated failover and failback for workloads migrated to and from IBM Cloud as part of your hybrid cloud disaster recovery strategy.

  • Automate all resiliency operations to ensure business continuity from on-premises environments to IBM Cloud
  • Recover and migrate critical workloads from on-premises environments to IBM Cloud with a single click
  • Extend a cost-effective disaster recovery solution across your entire environment

Seamlessly migrate and manage data in the cloud

Provide integrated data management and archival capabilities for IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS)

Simplify your ability to migrate and manage increasing amounts of data with IBM COS. Extending a cost-effective data management strategy across all your IT environments will reduce administrative headaches.

  • Automate backups, including long-term backup retention, by policy
  • Ensure near-term and long-term recovery with optimized storage tiering
  • Establish on-premises archiving to the cloud with hybrid cloud object storage
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