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Collaborating on machine learning to empower IT organisations
via predictive data analytics.

Google Cloud machine learning and data management solutions


With data continuing to proliferate, enterprises are looking to the cloud for sustainable data storage. Organisations at the forefront of digital transformation also want to go a step further by deriving predictive and prescriptive analytics from their data to drive IT optimisation.


Veritas partners with Google on machine learning and data management solutions. Organisations can use Google Cloud Storage as their modern backup destination, archive data for eDiscovery and compliance, and protect their native cloud applications in the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Ensure visibility and control across your hybrid and public cloud environment.
  • Lower storage costs and modernise data protection with automated to-cloud and in-cloud data protection.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for preserving data and enable rapid eDiscovery.

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Why Veritas on Google Cloud Platform?

Veritas and Google's strategic partnership helps organisations gain deeper insights from their data to optimise their hybrid and public cloud environments. This collaboration delivers management and governance capabilities that lower costs, mitigate risks and reduce the impact on the environment from storing digital data.

Drive informed data decisions across Google Cloud storage

Gain visibility and better insight into your data everywhere including Google Cloud Platform storage. Replace risky behaviors that boost data storage costs with sustainable practices inspired by greater data visibility.

Reimagine data protection with Google Cloud Storage

Reduce costs and improve manageability by seamlessly moving backup data to Google Cloud Storage Nearline and Coldline. Modernise in-cloud data protection with snapshot-based and application consistent backups.

Integrate archiving and eDiscovery with G-Suite Enterprise

Provide easy eDiscovery of information as needed and ensure you've followed defensible procedures for a secure evidentiary chain of custody. Reduce waste by eliminating unnecessary data by policy.

Machine-learning collaboration driving prescriptive and predictive data analytics

Organisations usually don't have any insight or warning when some IT job is about to fail, whether backup or data movement or even disaster recovery. For large organisations running numerous IT jobs a day, even high success rates can mean failures. This leaves organisations vulnerable and can also translate to lost revenue. Veritas and Google have partnered to develop cloud-based, on-premises and hybrid predictive data analytics. Based on supervised machine-learning techniques we aim to intelligently predict failure and recommend root causes so organisations can prevent potential failures and be risk free.

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