360 Data Management for Google Cloud Platform

Retain control, move workloads and stay compliant across clouds.

Adopt the Google Cloud Platform

Create sustainable data storage

With data continuing to proliferate at an astounding rate, enterprises are looking to the cloud for help addressing the costs, risks, and practices that prevent simple, secure, and sustainable data storage. Veritas’ partnership with Google supports your organization’s digital transformation by letting you use Google Cloud Storage as your backup destination, archive data for eDiscovery and compliance, and perform disaster recovery to or from the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Lower storage costs and modernize data protection with automated, policy-based data storage in the cloud
  • Ensure compliance with business or regulatory requirements for preserving data and enable rapid eDiscovery
  • Provide visibility and control across your hybrid cloud environment
  • Meet Service Level Objectives with a seamless, reliable cloud infrastructure
  • Reduce the impact on the environment from storing digital data with “green” practices that eliminate waste by policy

Modernize data protection and reduce storage costs

Use economical cloud storage to meet elastic demand

  • Streamline data protection and ensure business continuity with secure, scalable Google Cloud Storage
  • Reduce costs by swapping capital expenses for a more manageable pay-as-you-go OpEx model
  • Replace risky behaviors that boost data storage costs with sustainable practices inspired by greater data visibility

Take control of your information ecosystem

Choose where and for how long you store data

  • Automatically move data as it ages through different storage tiers, including Google Cloud Storage classes, with a single, integrated solution
  • Use optimized local storage for critical backup data to ensure ready access for quick restores when needed
  • Accelerate eDiscovery with advanced legal hold, search, and review capabilities

Simplify disaster recovery with a cloud infrastructure

Deliver unified protection for all your data and workloads

  • Match on-premises security levels for cloud-based data and workloads
  • Eliminate the need for new tools or processes
  • Safely extend your infrastructure into the cloud while controlling data access

New 360 Data Management for the Google Cloud Platform

Veritas and Google partner to support your digital transformation

Veritas and Google have extended their strategic partnership to help organizations gain deeper insights from their data and optimize hybrid-cloud environments. This collaboration delivers new management and governance capabilities that lower costs, mitigate risks, and reduce the impact on the environment from storing digital data.

  • Improve data lifecycle management using storage tiering to Google Cloud Storage with NetBackup
  • Lower costs and improve manageability by seamlessly moving backup data to Google Cloud Storage Nearline and Coldline using integrated connectors in NetBackup
  • Improve eDiscovery readiness via policy-based information retention of G-Suite Enterprise data with Enterprise Vault.cloud

Seamlessly integrate Google Cloud Storage

Reimagine your data protection strategy with cloud storage

Now organizations can confidently adopt a public cloud environment as a backup destination, expanding their infrastructure with new options while ensuring the reliability, performance, and availability demanded by a comprehensive enterprise data protection strategy.

  • Maintain data visibility across your entire environment, regardless of location
  • Orchestrate when and how you move data to the cloud with automated storage lifecycle policies and integrated connectors
  • Deploy workloads based on business priorities without compromising data protection
  • Choose the most cost-optimized class of storage to meet the recovery needs of your business
  • Ensure complete data security with data encrypted in transit and at rest

Unify protection of Google Cloud data and workloads

Turn your cloud deployment into a disaster recovery strategy

Deploying NetBackup in the cloud is a great way to extend the same proven, enterprise-level data protection to your cloud-based workloads as your on-premises locations without expending precious IT time and resources.

  • Strengthen data protection and reduce risks with centralized, policy-based controls
  • Orchestrate, manage, and govern data protection across all Google Cloud, virtual, and bare-metal servers via a single backup console
  • Protect cloud-based workloads against data corruption and accidental or malicious data deletion
  • Provide recovery-in-place when needed with Auto Image Replication (AIR)
  • Make your IT team more agile and valuable by delivering flexible data protection automatically

Integrate Archiving and eDiscovery with G-Suite Enterprise

Defensibly retain and discover G-Suite data

As a journal archive, Enterprise Vault.cloud provides an essential layer of functionality to meet the data retention compliance obligations of regulated organizations and defensibly follow legal procedures.

  • Capture all data with a journal archive, so you know nothing is missing
  • Automatically retain essential information such as departed employees’ archives
  • Provide easy eDiscovery of information as needed
  • Ensure you’ve followed defensible procedures for a secure evidentiary chain of custody
  • Eliminate unnecessary data by policy, reducing waste