Capture and archive high-risk data across all communication platforms.

Optimise your compliance and e-discovery outcomes.

High-risk content is increasingly scattered across dozens of new communication platforms, which makes archiving both time-consuming and costly. Merge1 captures all business-related data using your existing infrastructure and quickly identifies compliance risks.

The only universal ingestion engine with 120+ content sources.

Merge1 finds all your high-risk data, wherever it lives, and archives it in full-threaded conversational context.

Capture Everything

Archive text, voice, video and telephone records with a robust partner ecosystem.

Minimise Risk

Support internal investigations and external lawsuits with compelling information.

Reduce complexity

Automate archiving and management, eliminate trivial data and reduce costs.

Fully customisable archiving

Merge1 is fully integrated within the Veritas Digital Compliance suite, offering seamless archiving, discovery and supervision. It can also be easily configured to work with any archive.

  • Capture from Microsoft 365, Google, Bloomberg, Salesforce, ServiceNow and more
  • Avoid the hassle of running two archives in parallel
  • Minimise risk by archiving to existing infrastructure instead of relying on a third party

Archive any data

Get support for any content types, including proprietary file sources.

  • Ingest and consolidate various forms of communication data
  • Quickly adapt to new message platforms to remain compliant
  • Flag specific information to enhance future searches

Merge1 Suite: Capture everything

The only universal ingestion engine with 85+ connectors.

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Flexible ingestion

Run Merge1 on-premises or in our dedicated private cloud.

  • Make data-driven decisions about your cloud migration strategy
  • Expose and delete trivial files beforehand to reduce migration time and costs
  • Filter data at regular intervals before moving data between storage tiers

Simple deployment

Merge1 runs seamlessly on your existing infrastructure.

  • Get started with a quick system setup
  • No training required to start running ingestion cycles
  • Our unified platform leaves a small footprint

Merge1 Connectors extend your archive to popular communication content types including social media, chat, financial platforms and cloud-based content.

Merge1 can be customised to archive any content across enterprise communication platforms.

Achieve compliance with all major regulatory bodies.

Retain communications for corporate governance mandates, support e-discovery investigations for legal IT and meet all other industry regulations.



Pharma & Healthcare




Energy & Utilities

FERC, DOE, ERC, State Regulations

Optimise your workflow with the Digital Compliance Suite.

Our integrated product portfolio synthesises intelligence across unstructured data sources to minimise business risk.

Merge1 is truly a pioneer product in the compliance space. It’s an easy-to-use solution for our many complex problems. The support team is top-notch, as well.
Bo He
Vice President

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Enterprise Vault

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Cloud data archive and migration for Microsoft 365 and more.

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