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Browse available trainings in an alphabetical list by product.


Training Options


Veritas Education Services offers various training delivery options. Choose what's right for you.


Purchase Options


Training units offer a flexible purchasing option for training.


Register for a Class


View the course schedule and register for an upcoming class.


Skills assessment


Assess your team’s product skills with a fee-waived Education Skills Assessment.


Certification Exams


Earn an industry-recognised certification credential for Veritas products and solutions.


Certification Paths


Reference Veritas certification paths as a guide to achieving product expertise and certification.


Digital Badges


Earn a digital badge for Veritas products and solutions that can be shared to social media platforms.



Training by country


Contact your regional Education Services representative to find and register for a training class near you.

Training for Veritas Partners


For more information on training specific to PartnerNet Programme Members, visit PartnerNet University Training.


Veritas offers an Authorised Training Partner Programme to customers worldwide. To learn more about the programme or become a Veritas Authorised Training Partner, contact Education Services.