NetBackup™ Self Service Installation Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (10.0)

Reduced Database Permissions for Database Upgrade

When you upgrade the database it is necessary to choose a database logon to perform the database upgrade. The simplest choice is to use a user that has the 'sysadmin' role.

If your database administrator (DBA) is unwilling to grant the sysadmin role to you, you can do a database upgrade with a reduced permission set. This appendix describes the upgrade process with reduced permissions.

The following SQL script creates a logon UpgradeUser which is suitable for upgrading the database.

To create a reduced permissions user for upgrade

  1. Run this script in SQL Management Studio, to create a logon and user suitable for upgrading the database
  2. When you run the configurator and select the database to upgrade, choose:
    • Authentication Mode: Sql

    • DB User: UpgradeUser

    • DB Password: password

  3. Once install is complete you can disable or delete the UpgradeUser, since it is only used during the upgrade process.
-- Create a login for upgrading the database
use master
Create Login UpgradeUser WITH PASSWORD = 'password', Check_Policy = OFF

-- Make a database user for the login
-- and give them db_owner role on the target database
USE NetBackupSelfService
CREATE USER UpgradeUser FOR LOGIN UpgradeUser
ALTER ROLE db_owner ADD MEMBER UpgradeUser

-- Allow ownership of database to be transferred to sa.
-- The sa login can be disabled as per good dba practice, 
-- and everything will still work ok.
use master