Veritas NetBackup™ Self Service Installation Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (9.0)

Installed components

This section shows the result of a default installation of NetBackup Self Service. It shows the components that are installed and where they are installed.

File System

The portal and the adapter are installed under C:\Program Files\Biomni.

  • Portal: C:\Program Files\Biomni\Front Office version_number

  • Adapter: C:\Program Files\Biomni\NetBackup Self Service Adapter version_number

Windows Service

The portal installs a Windows Service.

Figure: Portal Windows Service

Portal Windows Service

Four components are installed in IIS. The figure shows the recommended configuration. In this configuration, two IIS websites are created: a public site to host the webpages and a private site to host the web services.

Figure: Installed IIS components

Installed IIS components

Two databases are created:

  • Portal's database: NetBackupSelfService

  • Adapter's database: NetBackupSelfServiceNetBackupAdapter

Figure: Self Service Databases

Self Service Databases