NetBackup™ Self Service Installation Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (10.0)

About load-balanced installation

A load-balanced installation has a single database server and database, but multiple instances of the website, web service and Windows service. This configuration provides load balancing and redundancy.

Figure: Load-balanced installation example

Load-balanced installation example

You can run the installation on any web server or application server. The installation process copies all of the required files onto the server. You can select the components to install or upgrade at the Configurator stage. For example, to configure an application server that hosts the Windows service, choose to configure only the Windows service.

When you create a load-balanced installation, all of the components must be installed with the same application key. On the first installation of the system, generate a new application key. On subsequent installs, copy the application key, rather than generate a new key. More information about the application key is available.

See Recovering a lost application key.