NetBackup™ Self Service Installation Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (10.0)

Upgrade the Portal

To upgrade the portal

  1. On the web server, run the installer NetBackup Self Service Portal 10.0.exe.

    The installer runs and copies the installation to the computer. When the installation completes, a configurator launches.

  2. Select Upgrade a NetBackup Self Service Portal in the configurator and click Next.
  3. Confirm that all components are selected in the Select Components dialog and click Next.
  4. A validation page runs to confirm IIS is configured correctly.
  5. Choose the correct Website Virtual Root and Web Service Virtual Root websites for upgrade.

    Be sure that you select the correct websites for upgrade. In a default Self Service installation the four websites are named as follows:

    • NetBackupSelfService - website virtual root

    • NetBackupSelfServiceNetBackupPanels - do not choose this website

    • NetBackupSelfServiceNetBackupServices - do not choose website

    • NetBackupSelfServicePublicWebService - web service Virtual Root

  6. Select the correct Windows service to upgrade.
  7. On the Upgrade Database dialog box, choose the database you want to upgrade and supply credentials to connect to the database.

    The database user who performs the upgrade must have the sysadmin Server Role. This user is only used during the upgrade process and is not stored once the configurator is complete.

    If your database administrator does not want to grant the sysadmin role to you, you can perform a database upgrade with a reduced permission set. More information is available.

    See Reduced Database Permissions for Database Upgrade.

  8. On the confirmation screen, confirm that all the parameters that are entered are correct. Click Install.
  9. The configurator upgrades the portal.