Veritas NetBackup™ Self Service Installation Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (9.0)

Upgrade preparation

You must perform several steps to prepare for an upgrade.

To prepare for an upgrade

  1. Back up the databases

    You should back up both Self Service databases before you start the upgrade. The default names for the databases are NetBackupSelfService and NetBackupSelfServiceNetBackupAdapter. Perform these steps in SQL Server Management Studio.

    • Make a note of the NetBackupSelfService database recovery model.

    • Set the database recovery model to Simple.

    • Back up the database.

    • Make a note of the NetBackupSelfServiceNetBackupAdapter database.

    • Set the database recovery mode to Simple.

    • Back up the database.

  2. Take the portal offline.

    Veritas recommends that you prevent user logon and user activity while the upgrade is active. The best way to prevent user logon and user activity is to use Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to stop the application pool for the portal website.

    If a user attempts to connect to the website when the application pool is stopped, they receive an HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable error in their web browser.

    Do not stop the other application pools during the upgrade. If you stop the application pools with the suffix PublicWebServiceAppPool then the upgrade fails. The public web service is used for the upgrade.