NetBackup™ Self Service Installation Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (10.0)

Install Adapter

This section guides you though the installation of the NetBackup Self Service Adapter.

To install the adapter

  1. From the web server, run NetBackup Self Service Adapter 10.0.exe. The installer runs and copies the installation files onto disk. When it completes, the configurator launches.
  2. Select Install NetBackup Self Service Adapter from the Select Installation dialog box.
  3. Confirm that all options are selected in the Select Components dialog and select Next.
  4. A validation screen runs, to check that PowerShell 3.0 or later is installed.

  5. On the Select Portal Web Service screen, specify the Portal Web Service Virtual Root for your system. The adapter communicates with the portal by the portal's web services.
  6. Select the IIS websites where you want to install the adapter pages and adapter services in the Select IIS Websites dialog. Veritas recommends that the pages are on a public site and the services are on a private site.
  7. The Database Installer Connection dialog is used to create the database for the adapter. Select the database server where the database is created and choose a name for the database. Veritas recommends that you accept the default database name, which is derived from the Site Name of the portal. The credentials that are entered are used to create the database. The user that is specified must have the sysadmin database privilege. This user is only used while the configurator is active and the credentials are not stored.
  8. Create a database user which the adapter pages and services can use to connect the database on the Application Connection dialog.
  9. A validation screen runs to check that the database credentials are correct.
  10. A confirmation screen is presented. If the details are correct, click Install.
  11. The installation runs.