Veritas™ Appliance AutoSupport Reference Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (7.4.2, 3.2, 1.3)
Platform: Veritas 3340,Veritas 5340,Veritas 5150,Veritas 5250,Veritas 5330,Veritas 5240,Veritas 5230

How the Call Home data is transmitted

All data that is transmitted to Veritas from an appliance is done with TLS-encrypted transmission by HTTPS PUT over port 443/tcp.

Beginning with NetBackup Appliance release 3.1 transmissions for the following services are sent to

  • Appliance CallHome Provisioning

  • DataCollect packages

  • Virtual Appliance Serialization data


If you configure a proxy server on the appliance, the proxy must accept connections from the above mentioned URLs in order for the AutoSupport platform to work.

The infrastructure consists of a set of endpoints with static IP address pools for data transmission.

Veritas highly recommends using DNS or fully qualified hostname resolution provisioning at the proxy and/or firewall level to reduce the chance of possible service interruptions.

If your firewalls can only register entities by IP addresses the static endpoints retain their respective dedicated IP address pools.

On the appliance make sure you enable the proxy and/or the firewall to outbound 443/TCP TLS socket connections to the following site.

Prior to release 3.1 the datacollect packages were sent to

For more information regarding the Call Home data transmission infrastructure, see the following technical article on Veritas Support website: