Veritas™ Appliance AutoSupport Reference Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (Version Not Specified)
Platform: Veritas 3340,Veritas 5340,Veritas 5150,Veritas 5250,Veritas 5330,Veritas 5240,Veritas 5230

Call Home data transmission

The Client Agent transmits data on a routine basis to provide proactive monitoring and advanced diagnostics for support purposes. These data collections and transmissions are classified into 4 primary categories:

  • Event data

  • Configuration and Inventory data

  • Telemetry and Performance data

  • Diagnostic data

The following section describes each category, their transmission interval, and basic properties:

Event data condition


  • Immediately upon an event detection, such as a hardware or software fault or failure

Basic properties:

  • Appliance mode (master or media server)

  • Appliance state (healthy or not healthy)

  • Serial number

  • Time of failure

  • Firmware versions

Extended attributes of only the failed components:

  • Battery voltage level, charge state, etc.

System Inventory & Configuration Data


  • Once per 24 hours

Basic properties:

  • Inventory of all hardware components including:

    • Manufacturer

    • Model

    • Serial Number

    • Type

    • Location

    • Firmware

    • Other component-specific metadata or attributes provided by the component vendor

  • Configuration data including user-defined configuration states:

    • Storage configuration

    • Network information

    • Feature enable/disable flags

  • Telemetry and performance data:

    • Storage utilization

    • Extended attributes of certain components, for example, battery voltage, charge state, thermal sensor data, fan speeds, and power supply voltages.

DataCollect package


  • Every three days

  • If a failure state is detected during this time the DataCollect package is assembled within 30 minutes. The three-day transmission cadence resets.

File locations

  • NetBackup files are located at /log/

  • Flex files are located at /log/autosupport/

Full diagnostic and hardware configuration inventory:

  • Operating system diagnostics:

    • System message log (/var/log/messages)

    • dmesg log

    • Boot log

    • Disk partition usage (df - h output)

    • Memory state information

    • iostat disk performance logs

    • vmstat volume performance logs

    • vxfsstat file system performance logs

  • IPMI and chassis hardware:

    • IPMI alarm state log

    • IPMI sensor data

    • CPU diagnostic data

    • Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) chassis log

  • RAID controllers:

    • RAID adapter logs

    • RAID Battery Backup Unit state log

    • LUN configuration data

  • Storage subsystem:

    • Disk group information

    • Expansion shelf diagnostics

    • Enclosure diagnostics

    • Physical disk logs

    • SMART disk diagnostics

  • Patch management:

    • Patch install logs