NetBackup cloud data protection.

Enterprise data protection optimized for the multicloud.


NetBackup for Azure Deployments

Guidelines for protecting workloads in the Azure cloud.

NetBackup for AWS Deployments

Guidelines for protecting workloads in the AWS cloud.

Long-term Cloud Data Retention

Best practices for using the cloud as a long-term retention storage solution.


Maximize resiliency in the cloud.

Migrate to the cloud. Protect hybrid multicloud platforms and workloads, including Kubernetes, private and public clouds. Maximize resiliency across clouds.

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New in NetBackup


Unified, cloud-native data protection. Integrated business resiliency. More efficiency. See the latest features in NetBackup.


Cloud autoscaling dynamically resizes cloud resources, ensuring your protection needs are met while optimizing storage costs and resources.

Cloud intelligent policies lets you back up snapshots to anywhere using the same protection policies on-premises and in the cloud.

Native Kubernetes support provides integrated, scalable, container-agnostic protection for all major Kubernetes deployments across all architecture layers.

Cloud immutable storage with support for immutable Object Lock storage on AWS S3 ensures backup data integrity and prevents your data from being compromised.






  • Back up in the cloud: support for IaaS/PaaS workloads in multiple tenants across multiple clouds.
  • Automated OpenStack protection with cloud-native, API-driven, built-in multi-tenant control and rapid granular workload recovery.
  • Optimized backup and tiering to the cloud.
  • Bulk data migration and seeding with AWS Snowball and Azure Data Box.


  • Designed as a native Kubernetes solution leveraging custom operators and APIs to optimize protection.
  • Application-centric approach with discovery and protection of all components of an application, ensuring workloads are quickly recoverable and always compliant.
  • Unified protection with the ability to discover, protect and recover all application components across any Kubernetes distribution, on-premises or in the cloud.
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Optimize cloud

  • Cloud resources dynamically resize, ensuring your protection needs are met while optimizing storage costs and resources.
  • Back up snapshots to anywhere using the same protection policies on-premises and in the cloud with cloud intelligent policies.
  • Dynamic workload portability to migrate data to the cloud, tier to the cloud for long-term retention and provide data reuse for DR, testdev and analytics.
  • Save storage costs with enterprise-class deduplication and reduce OpEx costs through automation of complex, multi-step tasks.


  • Single-console visibility provides a holistic view across all your cloud workloads.
  • Orchestrated, automated, at-scale disaster recovery or workload migration to and between clouds.
  • Continuous data protection provides a game-changing capability to recover from ransomware and malware attacks.
  • Create multiple service-level objectives for recovery based on specific RPO needs to minimize data loss and RTO.
  • Integrated machine learning‒based anomaly detection that catches suspect behavior early.
  • Cloud-native immutable storage ensures backups are resilient from ransomware.

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