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Veritas Announces Global Strategic Partnership with Google to Deliver Enterprise-Ready Data Management to Google Cloud Platform and G Suite Customers

Expanded Collaboration Enables Joint Customers to Get More Value Out of Their Data in the Cloud and Address Compliance Regulations

San Francisco, CA – March 7, 2017 – At Google Cloud Next 17, Veritas Technologies, the world’s leading information management company,  announced an expanded partnership with Google to provide joint customers with 360 Data Management capabilities that reduce data storage costs, increase compliance and eDiscovery readiness and accelerate the customer’s journey to Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to joint sales and support activities, the companies are working together to develop and deploy solutions that help organizations extract new business value from their data. This effort builds on existing innovations that Veritas and Google Cloud are delivering that give joint customers more opportunities to harness the power of their data.

Today, Veritas is announcing a new set of innovative solutions with Google Cloud, including archiving and eDiscovery support for the newly launched G Suite Enterprise offering. This integration helps simplify how organizations can manage data retention and plays a critical role in helping businesses meet compliance regulations as they move to cloud-based email services.

“Our work with Google Cloud really comes down to what all customers want: innovation and choice,” says Mike Palmer, chief product officer, Veritas. “Customers want to see innovation in storage and infrastructure technologies, and they want choice of where to deploy applications and which services to deploy, including email. But they also need enterprise-grade data management capabilities in place. That’s why customers are so excited by what Veritas is doing with Google.”

Helping customers archive, discover and manage data in the cloud

The partnership between Veritas and Google Cloud includes key product integrations that advance data management capabilities for joint customers and are available today:

  • Lower storage costs and enhance data protection in Google Cloud Platform with Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec: Customers can now deploy NetBackup or Backup Exec in the cloud to help protect Google Compute Engine-based workloads. In addition, NetBackup or Backup Exec customers can seamlessly move backup data to Google Cloud Storage Coldline or Nearline storage tiers, helping reduce data storage costs.
  • Move archive data to the cloud to lower costs, increase scalability and enhance security with Enterprise Vault: Customers can make informed decisions about what data to keep – and what data to delete – using policy, classification and automation. At the same time, customers can take advantage of the performance and ease of use of Google Cloud Storage.
  • Extend retention management and compliance readiness for G Suite Enterprise Gmail with Enterprise Customers can leverage Veritas’ SaaS-based archiving solution, which provides a standardized and consistent policy-driven retention process for G Suite Enterprise Gmail. This provides the compliance readiness necessary to help meet regulatory and data retention requirements across a host of industries.
  • Respond faster to regulatory requests with Veritas eDiscovery Platform: G Suite Enterprise customers can use this intuitive software, which directly complements Enterprise, to quickly search, analyze and produce relevant Gmail data to satisfy discovery requests pertaining to compliance and legal matters.
  • Test drive data management innovations in a multi-cloud, hybrid world: Customers require micro-services and API-first development to thrive in multi-cloud, hybrid environments. Google and Veritas are accelerating efforts in this space by using the Apigee API management platform to expedite application development and build a partner and customer development ecosystem. Customers will also be able to “test drive” products across multiple clouds using Google’s Orbitera cloud commerce platform in the coming quarters.

“Google Cloud is focused on bringing innovations in cloud storage, infrastructure and data and analytics to enterprises, and increasingly, customers are turning to Google to take advantage of these capabilities,” says Nan Boden, Head of Global Technology Partners, Google Cloud. “This extended relationship enables customers to migrate data to Google Cloud Platform while leveraging data management and information governance capabilities from Veritas.”

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Veritas is a Marquee Sponsor at Google Cloud Next '17. Please visit the Veritas booth on the Marquee Level 2 and the Partner Playground #E17 to learn more about the Veritas and Google partnership and see the technology in action.

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