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Veritas Named a Leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving

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Introducing Enterprise Vault 12

An archiving foundation for your Information Governance plan

With more features than any prior release, Enterprise Vault 12 will excite both new and existing customers looking to better control and manage what information is retained, while more efficiently supervise and search the archive.

  • Target what is most meaningful to your organization by classifying all archived content
  • Re-classify existing archived information to help ensure your archived information matches your classification and retention policies
  • Delete archived information, when expiry triggers, only if it meets your current retention policies
  • Make supervisory review quicker, easier and more intelligent
  • Automatically or manually mark archived email as permanent or temporary records to help meet U.S. Managing Government Records Directive

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Records management without demands

Simplify your approach to standardized records management

Veritas helps all organizations put policies in place that properly identify and retain content to meet regulatory and business requirements.

  • Simplified definitions of records versus non-records help companies to clearly define what is to be retained and why
  • Retain records for only as long as required to support business activities or organizational objectives
  • Expire non-records quickly and efficiently
  • Supervise and discover by record type for only relevant records to reduce regulatory and legal compliance burden

Proven archiving solution

Automate long-term storage of information relevant to your organization

Simplify and reduce the cost of information retention management and discovery with Enterprise Vault. Through highly customizable policies, scan applications and automatically migrate information to an archive to support regulatory, compliance or legal business requirements. Archiving provides significant storage predictability, helping organizations keep applications at predictable storage levels by reclaiming primary storage on-premises.

Veritas is the only vendor to be recognized as a leader in the Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving,” for 13 consecutive years.

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Customer success: Clarke Power Services, Inc.

Using archiving to reclaim email storage

Clarke Power Services provides maintenance services for commercial vehicles across the United States. Using Veritas Enterprise Vault, this customer reclaimed more than 700 gigabytes of email storage space and took control of a growing problem with PST files. The archiving solution also helped boost productivity by reducing the amount of time employees spent on email quota management.

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Maintain your Veritas archiving investment

Flexible archiving options as you migrate applications to the cloud

Moving from Exchange on-prem to Exchange Online as part of Office 365, and you have Enterprise Vault? Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloud, our 100% SaaS archiving solution, has the tools, services and partners to help facilitate a seamless transition. Consult your Veritas sales representative for details.

  • Journal email from Exchange Online in the cloud directly to Enterprise Vault on premises using SMTP archiving
  • Free your IT team from day-to-day archive administration with Managed Enterprise Vault
  • Reduce capex by migrating from Enterprise Vault on-premises to Enterprise Vault in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services
  • Leave the archiving to us! Combine Managed Enterprise Vault with EV 247 in Microsoft Azure

Simplify your search

Archived information: Ready when you need it

As an IT administrator, when you get a call to recover a lost email or file, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Is it “not another one” or something similar?

Archiving helps make your life easier by retaining your organization’s unstructured data, such as emails and files, in a central repository. Archived emails and files are not only available to support eDiscovery requests or internal investigations, but are also seamlessly available to users.

With Veritas archiving solutions, empower users to access their archived information when and where needed via robust searching capabilities.

Discovery for the archive

Speed up Discovery and simplify the review process with Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator

Available as part of the Archive Discovery suite, Veritas Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator helps reduce reliance on external sources of content for discovery of unstructured data.

Maintaining the business record, Enterprise Vault provides the authoritative source for email, Instant Messaging, Microsoft SharePoint, Social, File, and many other types of unstructured content for discovery purposes.

Scaling with your archive as you grow, Discovery Accelerator provides high-speed search and export of large data sets, helping answer virtually any request for content throughout its lifecycle.

Customers requiring search for information held outside the archive or capabilities such as notification workflow for legal holds or predictive coding, may additionally opt for the Veritas eDiscovery Platform to supplement the functionality provided by Discovery Accelerator.

  • Search, preserve and initiate legal holds on archived data
  • Enable case management with chain-of-custody tracking
  • Simple, mail client-style review offers familiar interface and reduces burden on review staff
  • High-speed export to native file system/message formats

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Customer success: Whitestar Asset Solutions

Whitestar Asset Solutions is a financial services company based in Portugal. By using Veritas Enterprise Vault and Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator, Whitestar was able to reduce their storage needs by 70% and streamline their eDiscovery process.

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Unstructured data compliance requirements

Both public and private organizations have growing obligations to one or more sets of data regulations.

General data retention regulations for public entities, and private industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, transportation, telecom, manufacturing and others, mandate the preservation of records for specified periods of time

Additional requirements for employee supervision are dictated by the U.S. FINRA, Dodd-Frank or European Union regulations for organizations that trade financial instruments or commodity contracts require supervision of employee activity and communications

Many organizations need help managing the cost and complexity of staying in compliance.

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Data compliance and supervision solutions

Veritas Enterprise Vault helps organizations easily automate policy-based classification and retention management for a broad range of compliance regulations. Through journal archiving, Enterprise Vault creates indexed, manageable records independent of the mail system. This enables you to implement a policy-based framework for retention and deletion, regardless of user behavior.

Veritas Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator automates role-based review of communications by appropriate supervisors, as required by industry regulations or internal mandates, while preserving a procedural audit trail.

Global data privacy rules are changing

Being prepared brings more benefits

Rules and regulations around how data is captured and used have increased dramatically. The European Union is overhauling its 1995 Data Protection Act with changes that could affect organizations in any global location. Taking proactive Information Governance steps now could improve your risk posture, lower your exposure to potential fines, and innovate your information management operations.

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Archiving as a foundation for information governance

Leverage archiving to implement retention management as part of your Information Governance plans. Archiving helps you create automated policies to control retention and expiration, so information is retained for only its meaningful lifecycle, helping reduce business risk and exposure. Utilize classification where available to assign unique retention to information and store only what is required in the archive to help meet legal, regulatory, or compliance requirements.

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