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Veritas Classification

Fully integrated data classification and risk detection.

Gain advanced analytics and unparalleled visibility.

Veritas Classification gives users the ability to define patterns and policies using a single console no matter where the data exists within an organization’s data landscape. It delivers actionable intelligence that results in more informed decisions regarding storage optimization, regulatory compliance, and data security. And it does it all with automated simplicity.

Enterprise organizations are facing an information crisis.

The lack of meaningful visibility into their data translates into uncertainty and risk.


of data in organizations remains “dark."


of dark data is redundant, outdated or trivial.*


business critical data.*

Provide a common classification process across your entire organization.

Veritas Classification delivers unmatched flexibility, versatility and control.

Universal Experience

  • Consistent classification across Veritas solutions
  • Automated tagging eliminates manual effort
  • Simple, intuitive user experience


  • More than 200 policies and over 1,000 patterns to easily find sensitive data
  • GDPR-specific policy detects personal data for the entire European Union
  • Additional policies focus on industry and government regulations, such as CCPA, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley

Accurate Results

  • Confidence-based quality assurance
  • Pre-tested policies to help ensure precision
  • Test policies and view results with hit highlighting to illustrate effectiveness
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What's New in Veritas Classification

  • New transparent policies that classify items based on recipient count, which includes 1-on-1, Small Group (2-9 recipients), and Large Group (10+ recipients)
  • Based on continuous customer feedback, existing transparent policies have been optimized for more accuracy to generate less false positives
  • New United States data protection laws and policies directly align to new U.S. state-based privacy legislation
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