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Certification Exams

Veritas technology certification drives opportunities. Veritas certified candidates and their companies have the ability to gain industry recognition, competitive differentiation, greater productivity and results, increased user community satisfaction, and a tangible measure of their education investment. At Veritas Vision 2016, you can take any Veritas Certified Specialist exam—a $225 value—completely free of charge.

These free, fully proctored exams will be offered onsite at Veritas Vision from Sunday, September 11th through Thursday September 15th.

Visit the Veritas Vision Certification Exams webpage for more information.

The first step to validate technical knowledge and competency is to become a Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) based on your specific area of product expertise with Veritas products. To achieve this level of certification, candidates must pass one proctored VCS exam based on a combination of Veritas training material, commonly referenced product documentation, and real-world job tasks.

The second step to proving technical knowledge and competency is by becoming a Veritas Certified Professional (VCP) based on a specific area of solution expertise with multiple Veritas products. The VCP program validates skills and technical competencies necessary for Veritas professionals to design, architect, and implement multiple solutions in data protection, storage management, and/or archiving and eDiscovery environments. To achieve this level of certification, candidates must pass two or more VCS exams.

Why Get Certified?

Certification can open the door to increased visibility, better opportunities, and new jobs in your industry. In today’s highly competitive environment, certification differentiates you as a professional who is serious about applied learning, making you an asset to a prospective employer. Read about the benefits of Certification.

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