Confidently Collaborate with Veritas’ New Product Release

Insights April 27, 2023

Veritas is thrilled to announce the release of our latest Data Compliance & Governance (DCG) portfolio – Maple.

Maple, our latest Data Compliance & Governance portfolio, brings an entirely new level of innovation and sophistication to our already impressive suite of Veritas Alta™ SaaS and on-premises solutions. Our team of experts has been working diligently on the most advanced data management tools to help you stay compliant with ever-evolving regulations while ensuring your data is always secure and available.

Data compliance can be a daunting task for any organization. It requires meticulous attention to detail and constant vigilance to stay ahead of ever-changing regulations. With Maple, Veritas is proud to offer a suite of solutions that empower organizations to proactively monitor and investigate potential threats with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

With Maple, you can be confident that your data is always in good hands. Our primary focus in this release is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to manage your data effectively, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. With enhanced features and capabilities, Maple is designed to help you better manage and protect your data, no matter how complex your infrastructure.

Let's take a closer look at some of the exciting new features that Maple has to offer:

Veritas Alta Archiving

The release introduces Email Reconciliation Reporting to provide daily counts of email items that have been received by the archive. Additionally, the release includes Direct Migrator performance enhancements, making it faster and more efficient.   We also completed our annual SOC 2 Type II Audit highlighting Veritas’ focus on security.   This report is now available upon request, giving users peace of mind that their data is being managed to the highest possible standards.

Veritas Alta Classification & Veritas Classification

New transparent policy: “Selling Away” can identify inappropriate practices of investment professionals. Veritas Alta Classification now has the ability to exclude keywords and phrases from the matching criteria in a given policy. This provides a more efficient way to avoid false positives. This release includes enhancements such as targeting “Auto-generated emails” with new policy to reduce noise during review and additional medical diagnosis policies.

Veritas Alta Capture & Merge1

The release includes several powerful enhancements to our data collectors. The new JSON collector adds support for JSON format file collections, allowing users to capture a broad set of sources. Additionally, our Zoom collector now captures webinar/meeting metadata and chats, direct and group chat messages, and channel messages. With Microsoft Teams review and compliance enhancements, new data collection mechanisms are faster and optimized for troubleshooting. This release also includes Yammer collector enhancements to provide users with a more robust and reliable platform for managing their data. These collector improvements ensure that our platform remains versatile and able to capture the data that matters most to our clients.

Veritas Alta eDiscovery & eDiscovery (on-premises)

Veritas Alta eDiscovery introduces the ability to upload data directly via Targeted Collections, allowing customers to manually ingest data into a case that has been self-collected or produced.  We are implementing new Case documents and Defensible Production features to filter and export data. Updates to the UI and Workflow of Alta eDiscovery to support customizable columns & frame adjustments. Additionally, advanced Search functionality boost to include optimized 4-column model for more efficient and focused searching.

Veritas eDiscovery Platform (on-premises)

Veritas eDiscovery has been enhanced with better analysis and review tools to address customer requests.   We also updated Date/Time zone and Regional Settings. This release also adds and Email Checksum, Redaction and Export Productions areas.  This release also includes the latest classification engine providing new policies and patterns to classify content.

Veritas Alta Surveillance & Veritas Surveillance (on-premises)

The new labeling feature allows users to add custom labels to better define ‘relevant’ content as specific types of violations (ex. Money Laundering, Market Abuse, Insider trading, etc.). With Veritas Alta Surveillance's new application search, users can create searches that can be automatically propagated, copied, and enabled. Template-based searches allow users to create new searches based on previous searches, essentially a copy-search functionality. This release also includes Hit Highlighting and Item Rendering improvements.  These features will be added to the next major release of Veritas Surveillance (on-premises).

Veritas Enterprise Vault 

Veritas Enterprise Vault offers a number of impressive new features that can help organizations manage their data more effectively. For example, the software now includes support for AWS S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, which can result in significant cost savings compared to the AWS S3 Standard storage tier. Additionally, users can now decrypt Microsoft Purview (MPIP) content before archiving, which allows for indexing and search. This release includes updates to Veritas Surveillance including a new Intelligent Review Transparency feature which provides users with an explanation for why an item was marked relevant by the machine learning engine. Finally, the new Auditing enhancements in Discovery Accelerator can capture all changes within the client, providing greater visibility and control over data management processes.

Veritas Data Insight (on-premises)

Scale-out actionability of collector servers provides faster processing and faster Indexing with reduced disk consumption. New Sensitive and Personal Data Detection Classification Policies are introduced expanding the compliance and privacy use-cases to newer markets. Enhanced Microsoft Purview Protection (MPIP) integration for improved actionability and encrypted content classification ensuring visibility and compliance of protected data.

Victor Villegas
Marketing Programs Sr. Director