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Applications in Containers.

Bring enterprise-class application availability
and agility to container environments.


Comprehensive solutions for stateful applications
running in containerized environments.


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Containers are a lighter-weight, more agile way of handling virtualization. Rather than spinning up an entire VM, a container packages together
everything needed to run a small piece of software. The container includes all the code, its dependencies, and even the operating system itself.
This approach enables applications to run almost anywhere—on a desktop computer, a traditional IT infrastructure, or in the cloud.*



Veritas InfoScale is a software-defined optimization solution for mission-critical applications
that abstracts applications from their underlying hardware and software resources.

InfoScale for containers architecture

InfoScale 7.4.3 support of the Container Storage Interface (CSI) combined with InfoScale Enterprise is
designed to integrate seamlessly with Kubernetes to help make your container environment "enterprise-ready".

Kubernetes Diagram


Introduction to InfoScale
support for Kubernetes

InfoScale enables advanced availability and agility capabilities:

Persistent Volumes

Application Availability


Software-Defined Persistent Volume (PV) QoS Creation

Select the PV storage-class (Performance, Resilience, Secure) based on application requirements. InfoScale enables both dynamic and static provisioning of PV using native K8S commands for use by container-based applications.

Persistent Volume Scaling

Facilitates non-disruptive PV scaling of capacity and I/O for containerized applications by using Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) that can manage both shared and shared-nothing (DAS) storage.

Persistent Volume Availability

Monitors Persistent Volumes (PV), network and server infrastructure to ensure that the application has all the resources needed to serve data. If the PV, network, or server is not available, InfoScale will notify Kubernetes to restart the pod to enable the application to continue to serve data.

CSI Snapshot and Cloning

Create a point-in-time PV copy of the data for backup and recovery using scripts or third-party apps like Velero for fast back-ups and restores.


Application Monitoring & Restart

Monitors critical application processes and notifies Kubernetes liveness probe to restarts the container in the event of an application failure.

Application State Integrity

Container applications on InfoScale Storage are protected from data corruption due to faults causing a split-brain condition. InfoScale prevents data from being written to nodes within the Kubernetes cluster which have lost membership due to faults.

Application Agility

Migrates existing applications to container environment by copying application data storage volumes into the Kubernetes cluster nodes.

The Enterprise Data Services Platform offers a new way to manage data complexity. It’s
the most extensible, versatile data management platform available, addressing availability,
protection, and insights across physical, virtual and all major cloud platforms.

Make your mission-critical move.

With InfoScale, you can confidently run your stateful applications in containerized environments while providing availability and data management with these features:


  • Software-defined persistent storage
  • Application high availability
  • Advanced storage management
  • Application migration
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From 100 to 100,000 VMs.

Whether you’re managing hundreds of virtual machines or hundreds of thousands, Veritas delivers instant-access protection that scales, and the control you require without the complexity.

  • Automated, scalable VM protection
  • Granular recovery for VM data
  • Options for VM management UI
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Improved visibility, certain compliance.

Achieving compliance across increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud IT requires visibility into your organization’s data and infrastructure. Veritas provides valuable insights in a single intuitive dashboard.

  • Automate insights alerts and reporting
  • Create custom insights templates
  • Easily classify data
  • Eliminate dark data
  • Meet backup compliance requirements
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The top 10 financial services, healthcare and telecommunications companies depend
on Veritas InfoScale for application availability and workload agility. 













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