NetBackup Appliance vs. Build Your Own

Choosing between a NetBackup Appliance and a Build Your Own Media Server

Through history, appliances have played a key role in improving productivity, increasing the quality of life, and most important, saving money. Whether in the home or in the enterprise, appliances save time, and time is money!

Veritas NetBackup Appliances are no different: They save organizations time and money. Compare how Veritas NetBackup Appliances take the complexity out of backup servers, eliminating the need to build and manage your own backup server(s).

NetBackup Appliance Build Your Own (BYO) Media Server
Acquisition A fully integrated, purpose-built backup appliance complete with NetBackup software and Veritas Optimized Operating System preinstalled and performance-optimized. No assembly is required. Simply order a single integrated appliance. Customer is responsible for ordering four main components—hardware platform, operating system (OS), backup software, and storage—plus other supplemental components such as NICs or HBAs.
Installation & Integration Delivered with hardware, operating system, and NetBackup software preinstalled, fully configured, and performance-optimized. Comes with Symantec Critical System Protection to protect against zero-day attacks and malicious insider threats. Customer is responsible for hardware configuration, integration of OS and backup software, and tuning the system for optimal performance. Customer is also responsible for system protection and hardening the media server against attacks and threats as well as detecting intrusions.
System Administration A single user interface to manage, configure, monitor, and report. Requires multiple user interfaces to make simple changes to the OS, NetBackup software, server, and storage.
Patches & Upgrades A single patch to update NetBackup software, OS, value-added software components, and firmware. Veritas handles end-to-end certification. Backup software, media server OS, and hardware firmware are maintained separately and need to be verified for compatibility.
Support Veritas provides single-vendor support: one number to call for questions or assistance. Multiple vendors involved (OS, backup software, server, and storage), and customer is often required to perform problem determination.

IDC names Veritas NetBackup Appliances the market leader for Purpose Built Backup Appliances

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