Governance Solutions for Office 365

Archiving and eDiscovery

Enhance Office 365 compliance and discovery

Ensure a successful deployment: a portfolio of options

Regulated organizations that migrate to Office 365 must ensure they remain compliant with information retention regulations and are responsive to eDiscovery needs. Veritas has a suite of SaaS or server-based solutions that make sure you remain compliant when moving to Office 365 and ensure your process and practices are always defensible.

  • Go with a trusted vendor, named as a market leader in both the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Archiving and the Forrester Wave™: Information Archiving Cloud Providers, Q4 2016
  • Reduce the burden of long term retention compliance and eDiscovery for IT staff, accelerate search and discovery procedures, and enable users to self-discover when possible
  • Improve IT staff and end user or legal staff productivity, reducing the time and costs of compliance and legal projects

Simplify retention compliance and implement best practices

Choose Veritas Enterprise Vault or Enterprise to get started right

  • Implement a standard, compliant retention policy across all users and all content you need to retain
  • Deploy journal archiving to capture all email and ensure defensible data preservation and evidentiary chain of custody
  • Capture all Office 365 message metadata, so you always know what you have and who received it and maintain a complete, immutable audit trail

Efficiently find, collect, and preserve targeted information

Use archive discovery tools and share results online with outside partners and providers

  • Easily implement a hold on targeted business information for internal needs or litigation-related activity
  • Quickly search and filter results to narrow massive amounts of data down to only what’s needed
  • Conduct and manage early case assessment and organize results into appropriate sets of custodians, matters, and data sets

Perform advanced eDiscovery analysis and case management

Provide your legal team with a dedicated solution in the Veritas eDiscovery Platform

  • Automate collections from Enterprise Vault and Enterprise and jump-start eDiscovery workflow processes
  • Ensure comprehensive collection across the organization by using Veritas eDiscovery Platform to target unarchived information sources
  • Analyze large amounts of collected data to reveal context, prioritizing what’s most important and quickly getting rid of junk

Meet regulatory obligations for information retention and eDiscovery

Learn how Marubeni Trading Company achieved painless legal compliance

Japan’s Marubeni needed to archive its Microsoft Exchange Online emails to comply with regulatory information retention and eDiscovery requirements. Adopting Enterprise helped the company easily meet its legal obligations.

  • Reduce compliance burden and risk
  • Successfully deploy solution to 4,500 initial users and expand to other companies in the group, including overseas companies
  • Ensure rapid, effective eDiscovery

Streamline information collection

See how BEAR Scotland reduced response times while lowering costs

To simplify email retention compliance, BEAR Scotland decided to move its archive to Veritas Enterprise Doing so also helped the company fulfill frequent information requests and discovery needs more quickly, freeing up valuable IT resources.

  • Handle eDiscovery requests in minutes instead of hours
  • Save and redirect IT staff hours to more valuable projects
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with a SaaS platform

Deliver self-service discovery and case management

Discover how the California Department of Corrections increased productivity and reduced costs

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is the largest state-run prison system in the United States. By using Veritas Enterprise in conjunction with Enterprise Vault and Veritas eDiscovery Platform, the CDCR’s IT staff empowers legal staff to search for and produce relevant data as well as manage relevant information throughout the lifecycle of a case.

  • Reduce the time and costs of reviewing requested information
  • Enable self-service, so legal staff can produce and manage data without IT assistance
  • Enhance security and availability with best practices at the Veritas Tier 4 data center