Introducing Veritas AppAssist


Just enough. Just in time. Hardware help in your pocket.

AppAssist is a hardware maintenance app designed for harsh data center environments. It delivers step-by-step assistance and appliance documentation in a multi-media format for 5330 and 5240 Veritas appliances. The app has been tested by hardware servicers from around the globe so you benefit from world class experts.

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Information On Demand

Immediate access to 5330 and 5240 installation information—resolve problems, get answers, and save calls to support.

Install it Right the First Time

Whether you're a new installer or perform installations infrequently—do the job easily and efficiently with step-by-step assistance and documentation.

Designed by Pros, Tested with Experts

We've systematically designed and tested AppAssist with Veritas stakeholders, customers and partners around the globe.

It's All About the Data

AppAssist delivers up-to-date content so you'll always have the latest information. We'll capture valuable feedback on what's working and what isn't, and use this data to give you more relevant content and less of what's not.

One Small Step

We work in a multi-modal world—using many tools and platforms to get our jobs done. AppAssist is Veritas' first step in leveraging the best of mobile while considering how and where it is needed—in noisy, cramped data centers. Veritas is making it easier to get jobs done whenever and wherever they might be.