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Data Protection Buyer Personas Series

From December 2018 to February 2019, we ran 48 in-depth interviews to try and better understand the key buying criteria and persona involvement for modern backup and recovery buyers. What we were able to take away was a gold mine of information including detailed buyer personas for four roles, and actionable insights on relevant content and communication preferences and requirements for each role throughout the buyer’s journey.

Why should you care and why should you join us? Let’s shoot it straight – these are your customers and contacts that you talk to on a daily basis. We want to provide you with the same research data that we will look use when targeting these buyer personas.

In our second episode, we take a deep dive into the mind of an Infrastructure Manager.

  • What are their responsibilities and role in data protection?
  • What is the buyer journey look like  for  the Infrastructure Manager?
  • What causes them to seek a new solution?
  • Where do they discover their new solutions?
  • How do we gain their attention?
  • What does the future of a DP look like according to Infrastructure Managers?



Anthony Cusimano
Product Marketing Manager, Veritas