Invest in your business.

The Veritas Vision Solution days are a series of more personalized forums where attendees can engage with Veritas experts and learn more about the Enterprise Data Services Platform which offers solutions in the three areas that matter most: availability, protection, and insights.


Why attend?

When you join us at a Vision Solution Day, you’ll learn about the most versatile and extensible platform available to enterprises and represents the perfect foundation which can help you:

  • Reduce IT downtimes and enable an always-available enterprise.
  • Protect against threats such as ransomware by deploying a data protection solution that supports 500+ data sources, 150+ storage targets, and 60+ clouds.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce cloud and storage costs by utilizing deep data, IT analytics, and eDiscovery.


Vision Solution Day



Washington, D.C., USA

10 December 2019


Toronto, Canada

28 January 2020

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

31 January 2020


Beijing, China

30 October 2019


Bali, Indonesia

11-15 November 2019

Melbourne, Australia

12 November 2019


Seoul, South Korea

13 November 2019

Tokyo, Japan

20 November 2019


Busan, South Korea

18 February 2020


Milan, Italy

23 October 2019


Moscow, Russia

12 November 2019


Tel Aviv, Israel

13 November 2019

Paris, France

19 November 2019


London, England

20 November 2019


Istanbul, Turkey

8 January 2020

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

14 January 2020


Stockholm, Sweden

January 2020


Dubai, UAE

10 February 2020


Madrid, Spain

18 February 2020


Johannesburg, South Africa

27 February 2020