Microsoft Ignite 2019

November 4–8

Veritas Booth 647
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

Discover the power of the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform at Booth 647

  • Maximize cloud adoption and minimize risk by seamlessly protecting Azure and O365 with a complete, automated solution.
  • Refresh your approach to managing customer data with an optimized, scale-out data management platform.
  • Failover entire data centers to Azure in less than 15 minutes.
  • Know your hybrid infrastructure landscape with a single dashboard to show resource usage, cloud spend, outages and more.
  • Find crucial insights in your customers’ data and enable regulatory compliance for both public and private sectors.



Hear from Veritas experts!


Breakout Sessions


#CYaaS and Slash Costs. The Secret: Optimize.

Tuesday, November 5, 9:00-9:45 a.m., OCCC, West W312
Anthony Cusimano, Manager, Product Marketing, Veritas Technologies
Alexander Varady, National Architect, Veritas Technologies

It’s time to whip your hybrid infrastructure into shape. Ditch those pricey solutions and stop settling for sub-par performance. Dump complex systems that don’t play well with others and cost way too much. Then embrace the alternative: A single view of your kingdom. Total visibility into what and where you spend. Stress-free workload shifting to, from and between clouds. In other words, less complexity, less effort and a whole lot more value. Veritas APTARE IT Analytics™ lets you Cover Your as a service and more.


#CYaaS and Slap Ransomware. A Bulletproof Multi-Cloud Strategy is Key.

Wednesday, November 6, 9:00-9:45 a.m., OCCC, West W312
Jonathan Brown, Sales Engineer, Veritas Technologies
Greg Fernandez, Sales Engineer, Veritas Technologies

Want to protect against threats like ransomware with an automated, distributed multi-target approach? Need to learn the most optimized methods for recovering data fast, whether it’s on-premises or across clouds? Join us for a can’t-miss session to learn:

  • How to bolster your ransomware defense strategy across heterogeneous environments.
  • How to manage cloud snapshots in a simple, human-readable format.
  • How to enable data protection across hybrid, multi-cloud IT at cloud-scale.
  • How to capitalize on the advantages of automated data lifecycle policies.
  • How to optimize data transfer between any source and target.

Getting hit by ransomware is a drag—a time-sucking drain on your IT team and a pricey lesson for your business. So get your act together with an automated approach that covers every nook and cranny. Recover data super-fast: on-premises, across clouds, wherever. Cloud-scale data protection for your hybrid IT world. Make supersonic data transfers between any source and target. Juggle cloud snapshots anyone can read. With NetBackup and CloudPoint from Veritas, you can Cover Your as a service and play All-Star defense at the same time.

The Hub Theater Sessions


Conquering Hybrid Cloud Chargeback

Monday, November 4, 5:45-6:05 p.m., Theater A
Brianna Fischer, Principal Product Marketing Specialist, Veritas Technologies

Want to attain total godlike knowledge of your hybrid IT infrastructure, including resource consumption, hardware alerts and chargeback from a view that’s customizable for every role? Knowing your hybrid infrastructure inside and out has never been easier than it is with Veritas and APTARE IT Analytics™.




Protect Azure Assets ASAP

Tuesday, November 5, 5:35-5:55 p.m., Theater A
Anthony Cusimano, Manager, Product Marketing, Veritas Technologies

Discover how to quickly deploy and set up protection of your Azure workloads. Watch our demonstration on creating protection policies, managing snapshots and recovering to a new location—all easily enabled via the Azure Marketplace and managed through the Azure portal.

Want a deeper dive into data management?

Visit Veritas at Booth 647, attend our theater sessions or schedule a 1:1 meeting with a member of our team.