Vision Thread

Vision is the only conference that helps you unlock the power of your most valuable asset - information. At Vision, you'll engage with the multi-cloud data management experts and technologies you need to complete your digital transformation.

DUBAI, U.A.E., 30 APRIL 2018

Register for Veritas Vision Solution Day and learn how to:

  • Take a 360 approach to data management, so you can protect, access, and gain valuable insights from your data in a unified manner —wherever it goes.
  • Deploy a software-based approach, so you can stop worrying about vendor lock-in, expensive hardware or slow reaction times —in both your old and new worlds.
  • Optimise your data by choosing the best location for cost efficiency without diminishing performance or protection.
  • Gain visibility into all your data, so you can migrate, protect or control access to business-critical data and workloads—while meeting the toughest compliance standards.
  • Boost performance, scalability, and availability across any type of storage, so you can increase service levels—in the cloud and on-premises.

Technology Deep Dives that helps you:

  • Embrace the multi-cloud without lock in, with solutions that migrate data and workloads, provide visibility, ensure protection, reduce cloud costs, and maintain uptime and resiliency.
  • Protect your data with the strategy that’s right for you—whether leveraging the cloud, ensuring resiliency or delivering self service—all with a flexible, unified platform.
  • Mitigate risks and stay compliant despite data sprawl across on-premise and multiple cloud platforms. This includes practical strategies for meeting strict new data privacy regulations like GDPR, as well as detecting and avoiding breaches.
  • Lower storage costs and increase performance with new software-defined storage solutions that free you from hardware lock in, while delivering the performance you need.
  • Gain freedom from traditional high-cost solutions with software-defined storage for OpenStack and containers that accelerate your mode 2 application initiatives without compromising performance.