The challenge

As it designed its own IaaS cloud for municipality services, Gyosei System Kyushu wanted to improve data protection reality and create a backup environment that would be more efficient and easier to use.

The solution

Using a Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance within a Fujitsu hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution, Gyosei System Kyushu established a highly scalable and efficient mechanism for backup and recovery of virtual machines (VMs) that enabled reliable business continuity.

The outcome

Gyosei System Kyushu adopted the Veritas NetBackup Appliance, establishing an environment that overcame previous challenges by improving backup precision and shortening the backup window.

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At a glance

Realized a highly reliable backup in a short time

Reduced storage volumes due to high-precision deduplication

Better alignment of daily VM backups between the data administration unit and the business operations unit

Improved data visibility and operational efficiency with web UI and Instant Access

Products / services used