The challenge

Bancolombia cannot afford any downtime for its fraud-detection system. Yet, with the bank’s legacy disaster recovery (DR) solution, fraud detection might have been unavailable for two to three entire days in the event of a disaster.

The solution

Bancolombia implemented Veritas InfoScale™, which met the bank’s requirements for functionality, availability, and automation—and it did so at much faster speeds than the legacy solution.

The outcome

Fulfillment of the bank’s needs for functionality, availability, and automation—at much faster speeds compared with the bank’s legacy business continuity solution.

Want a deeper dive?

At a glance

Failover to cloud-based DR platform consistently completes in around 10 minutes

Recovery point objective (RPO) close to zero

Stable block replication performed 24 hours a day

Confidence restored among IT Continuity team in the business continuity of the fraud-detection system

Products / services used