Veritas Celebrates Pride Month, an interview with Gayatri Deshpande

Veritas Perspectives June 23, 2023

Q1. What does Pride Month mean for you?

Pride Month is an opportunity to create awareness and celebrate diversity and inclusion by honoring people from varied backgrounds and providing an equitable platform in the workplace and beyond.

Q2. What do you love most about the culture at Veritas?

 Culture at Veritas is very people-centric and inclusive. As a technology leader, the culture of innovation provides a great platform for people from varied backgrounds, functions, and skills to cross-pollinate ideas, collaborate, and create unique outcomes for our enterprise customers and business objectives.

Q3. Why is it important for a company to prioritize and promote inclusivity?

Promoting and prioritizing inclusivity is truly essential for the success of any organization. It creates a sense of belonging and enhances employee representation, engagement, and experience through diverse views and ways to solve problems, leading to innovation with thought leadership and creating an inclusive culture.

Q4. Tell me about a time when you felt included, valued, and heard. 

At Veritas, I’ve represented various forums through my professional engagements, whether they’re technical, functional, leadership, employee-engagement, customer-focused, site-level initiatives, or many others. This is a testimony to the company’s inclusive culture and recognizes the values that one can bring by creating a sense of purpose to influence positive outcomes. 

Q5. How has your team, colleagues, or manager promoted or created a safe and inclusive work environment? 

Veritas culture promotes an inclusive work environment and representation which, in turn,  is well-promoted within our teams and work engagements.  Having said that, an inclusive work environment is always a continuous learning process for everyone. As we expand our knowledge and awareness about our unconscious biases, everyone can get better at this and understand the nuances within diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity.

Q6. What types of engagements have you noticed or participated in at Veritas that have made an impact on you?

 I ‘ve been an active participant, contributor, and sponsor to lead initiatives through ERGs like WAVE and DEI. These groups have helped me broaden my own understanding about the need to have such programs along with opportunities to self-reflect and achieve a growth mindset.

Q7. What ideas do you have to improve DEI efforts at Veritas?

I’d offer incentives to attend company-sponsored webinars. We can do this by creating more awareness and excitement for these events by working with our DEI communities and groups at Veritas. It’s important to learn about unconscious bias and evaluate our goals that we’ve set to align with creating a more inclusive workspace. This will result in a more positive culture and environment with the possibility for more diverse mindsets, tools, and skills to succeed.

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