Top 5 Reasons to Use NetBackup Flex Scale for Large VMware Environments

Protection April 04, 2024

Architecting a data protection solution for mass protection and recovery of large VMware environments could be difficult and challenging. There are many considerations such as backup and restore performance, data security, and storage capacity when evaluating data protection solutions. NetBackup Flex Scale is a pre-tested bundle with the power to meet the needs of large VMware environments.  Here are the top 5 reasons for selecting NetBackup Flex Scale for the data protection of your large VMware environments:

  • Scale Out Architecture – start with a minimum of 4 nodes and expand to 16 nodes as your VMware ecosystem requirements increase. Performance and capacity grow as nodes are added.
  • Bulk Backups –a list of VMs to be backed up can be initiated instantaneously using intelligent policies for VMware and intelligent load balancer to distribute the jobs across the nodes based on system load and active jobs to achieve optimal performance as illustrated in Figure 1. NetBackup Flex Scale has been designed with performance-optimized storage that scales up to 800 parallel streams.
Figure 1 - NetBackup Flex Scale Intelligent Load Balancer
  • Instant Access and Instant Rollbacks – have up to 1600 simultaneous instant access mounts of VM backup images to restore or access individual files and folders directly as shown in Figure 2. It can also do hundreds of simultaneous rollbacks to have your VMs online in minutes.
Figure 2 - NetBackup Flex Scale Instant Access
  • Built in Resiliency – in case of a service or node failure, NetBackup Flex Scale’s cloud-like resilience automatically detects and redirects the job to other surviving nodes as pictured in Figure 3. In addition, utilizing two NetBackup Flex Scale appliances in a DR configuration provides site resiliency.
Figure 3 - NetBackup Flex Scale Resiliency
  • Security – with ransomware and malware attacks running rampant in the datacenter, NetBackup Flex Scale has security in all layers – hardware, operating systems, container, storage, and user data layers to protect against malicious attacks as shown in Figure 4.

For more details on how NetBackup Flex Scale supports large VMware environments, check out our latest White Paper

Sandra Moulton
Dir, Solutions Architect
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