Symantec and Veritas Strengthen Ransomware Defense

Cyber Resiliency & Ransomware December 11, 2023

Ransomware attacks continue to be a significant and evolving threat. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated, employing double- and triple-extortion tactics to lock up data and exfiltrate sensitive information. And they may sell that data on the dark web or disclose it publicly if their ransom demands are not met.

Recent risk management research from Veritas and Vanson Bourne found alarming frequency of ransomware and data loss. In fact, 65% of respondents report that they had experienced a successful ransomware attack in which an attacker gained access to the system in the past two years.

To combat these threats, implement robust countermeasures and controls to empower your security teams to quickly identify and mitigate data exfiltration attempts.

Ransomware: A Constantly Evolving Threat

Ransomware remains at the forefront of cybersecurity concerns. It is unique in that several ransomware groups, each with specific expertise in orchestrating part of the attack may be involved. 

In a recent article, Security magazine reported

Often, a ransomware event is an orchestrated attack executed not by a single individual, team, or even organization, but by a network of cybercriminals and groups."

Vigilance is important to protect against encryption-based attack. It’s also vital to monitor for and address data-exfiltration threats. Layering defense mechanisms can significantly enhance your ability to combat emerging exfiltration attacks.

The Power of Data-Loss Prevention and Data Intelligence

Combine data-loss prevention (DLP) capabilities with data intelligence to defend against double- and triple-extortion attacks. This integrated approach offers multiple advantages, chief among them:

·       Accurate Detection: DLP technology helps detect suspicious activities and data transfers, while data intelligence provides insights into sensitive data likely to be targeted. This approach improves the precision and efficacy of data-exfiltration controls.

·       Correlation: Correlating attack signals with specific users and activities allows you to understand quickly how and what attackers are exploiting. Correlation deepens insights into attack patterns, enabling better intelligence and data discovery. This information is invaluable in establishing and enforcing controls, safeguards, and policies for high-risk data.

Strengthening Data Exfiltration Defenses

The partnership between Veritas and Symantec by Broadcom offers a synergistic, comprehensive ransomware solution. Not only does it offer the ability to withstand and recover from ransomware encryption attacks but fortifies data-exfiltration defenses. Here's how they work together:

Veritas Data Insight  

  • Data Ownership and Metadata: Provides valuable data ownership, activity, and other metadata to enhance the understanding of sensitive data within Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
  • User Activity Monitoring: Enables comprehensive user-activity monitoring, offering insight into data access and usage.
  • Data Discovery: Identifies over-exposed data, particularly sensitive information that requires enhanced protection.
  • Automation of Entitlement Reviews: Helps automate entitlement reviews and identifies data owners, streamlining data governance.

Symantec DLP  

  • Broad Data Protection: Protects across multiple communication channels, including cloud, email, web, endpoints, and storage.
  • Comprehensive Detection: Minimizes false positives, ensuring that alerts are more reliable.
  • Unified Policy Management: Provides centralized policy management, incident response, reporting, and administration, simplifying security management via a single console.
  • Uniform Policies and Workflows: Allows consistency across all communication channels, enhancing control and compliance.

Evolving ransomware threats demand proactive and multifaceted defenses. Combining the power of DLP with data intelligence and insights is essential to combat the ever-increasing sophistication of extortion tactics. Veritas and Symantec by Broadcom empower you to better protect sensitive data and ensure resilience in the face of these relentless threats.

By implementing these advanced protections, you can stay ahead of attackers, safeguard critical data, and maintain the integrity of your operations in an increasingly hostile digital environment.

Robert Shields
Product Marketing for Data Security and Privacy