Samuel Barrantes: Empowering success as a Senior Technical Consultant

Veritas Perspectives July 12, 2023

The Veritas Customer Success team is responsible for ensuring that Veritas’ customers are successfully exceeding the value of their investment in Veritas solutions as well prioritizing our focus on the end-to-end customer relationship. As our Technical Support teams in Bulgaria are looking to grow, I’m honored to connect with and learn about what my colleague Samuel Barrantes does as a Senior Technical Education Consultant at Veritas. Let’s learn more.

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in technology?

It all started as a hobby when I was a child. At that time, computers were strange things that only some houses or companies had. The Internet was quite “analogic”, and no one knew what a mobile phone was. I found it fascinating. Despite that, I wasn’t expecting to make it my profession. I was chasing studies in science and political science, which I should probably finish one day.

What you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy traveling. Being in Bulgaria allows me to travel to many “unknown” and untouristed places where you can really find hidden gems, amazing people, culture, and good food. I also test my willpower going to gym every week. It’s important to exercise since our job is mostly in front of a screen. Reading is another one of my passions -- mainly history and science.

What are the key responsibilities of a Technical Support Engineer (TSE)?

The key responsibility is to help our customers. We face challenges amid the most complex data systems that humanity has created, in a scenario that evolves all the time, in a technical and political aspect.

What qualifications and skills are essential for a TSE?

As a TSE, you need to have quite a mix. in the Sofia, Bulgaria office you need to speak multiple languages, have a bit of “political manners” with our customers, and a have huge technical knowledge and interest. Since our area of expertise is in technology, an IT background is essential. There’s one skill that is particularly important-- that is passion and desire to learn. In my experience, I’ve witnessed professionals with many certifications who have no passion, and they don’t get to see much growth in their career because of that. On the other hand, I’ve seen junior-level employees who show hard work, passion, and constant effort, and they become respected colleagues and eventually authorities in their field.

How does a TSE contribute to a company's success?

TSEs are a critical part of our operations. Veritas has some of the most complicated products that you can find on the market that is created to help solve many challenges of the IT industry. This complexity requires the need for a trusted set of professionals to help determine where the issue is, coach our customers, and of course, listen to them to improve our service.

What’s your favorite aspect about working at Veritas? What are your favorite benefits and perks?

I like the company culture, the technology we work with, and our mission to prioritize our customers. We value our customers’ opinion and if a customer satisfaction survey result doesn’t come back as “amazing” we take it as a signal that we have opportunity for improvement. We also focus on effective learning and making training beneficial for our colleagues. Lastly, another key factor that I love about Veritas is the potential for personal growth. Veritas is one of the best places to learn. Our products service many different industries. You can choose to work with the products you love, and the company will support you to improve those skills.

Can you provide tips for candidates looking to interview for or resume the TSE role?

As previously mentioned, a passion for what you do is essential. You can always fill the knowledge gaps if you have passion. If you aren’t quite comfortable about something, its ok to be honest. Be ready to learn and polish on the technical skills that you may not be good at. It is important to hold a growth mentality. Moreover, our job is mostly teamwork and to be successful one must be willing to cooperate with many others to reach our common goal. Sometimes, it’s most important to ask the right questions. Be a curious person.

As Veritas continues to grow, we are looking for talented individuals to join our team and embark on an impactful career. If you're seeking a rewarding role as a Technical Support Engineer at Veritas in Bulgaria, this is your opportunity to thrive and excel. See other opportunities on our careers page.  

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