Protect Active Directory with Veritas and Semperis


Cybercriminals don’t stop with theft. They also attempt to deny you access to your own systems. They even try to create new identities with escalated privileges within your systems. Because once they gain access, they plan to stay. 

Microsoft Active Directory is one of the top identity management systems in the world, which is why IT professionals spend so much time designing defenses to protect it. And threat actors spend so much time trying to defeat those defenses. 

Active Directory (AD) is popular because it can be simple to implement yet sophisticated enough for the most demanding multi-cloud enterprises. This also calls for sophisticated cyber resilience. 

This brings me to why the Veritas 360 Defense architecture includes our nimble friends at Semperis. Semperis is an AD-focused security company that helps enterprises identify and detect threats in hybrid AD infrastructures. Semperis enables IT professionals to do: 

  • AD forest recovery

  • AD migration

  • AD threat detection and response 

Semperis complements the AD data-protection capabilities of NetBackup, Veritas Alta™ Data Protection, Alta Backup as a Service, and Backup Exec with expanded user, group, and policy resiliency.  
This is a great example of why I call cybersecurity a “team sport.” 

For organizations that use AD across a distributed hybrid cloud, Semperis offers powerful tools to understand AD threats and remediate discovered faults in AD security posture. More important, Semperis enables administrators to manage AD in region-specific, policy-specific, and group-specific targeted actions, in addition to single AD forests. 

Veritas provides the other half of the solution. With Veritas, you can archive all the AD forests while protecting the Semperis implementation both in the cloud and on premises.   

Together, Veritas and Semperis enable your teams to discover and correct AD threats. If an incident occurs, we enable IT to respond with targeted measures that restore valid AD policies, groups, and user data — and deny access to criminals. And together, we deliver these results for the most demanding organizations. 
Let’s get real about cyber security preparedness. Let’s team up to deny access to criminals while ensuring business continuity.

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Gary Garcia
Sr. Manager, Cyber Security Alliances
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