Meet the Veteran – Ben Hill, United States Marine Corps & VP of Information Technology and Workplace Services

Veritas Perspectives July 03, 2023

Meet Ben Hill, a dedicated Veteran of the United States Marine Corps who has found a rewarding career at Veritas. Ben has been with Veritas since September 1995, making it almost 28 years with the company. Ben began his technology career in the telecom programing phones, but he quickly took on roles in project management, solution architecture and worked his way into a leadership role. He has played key roles in various acquisitions and divestitures, with one of the notable ones being the infrastructure track management for networks, data centers, and system integrations when Veritas in 2005 and again in 2015 with the split. He then moved back to Veritas to take on the role of employee productivity services, overseeing communications, collaboration tools, and technology support for the entire organization.

Currently, Ben holds the position of Vice President, responsible for IT infrastructure Operations and recently taken on Workplace Services. On the IT side of our job we provide computing resources, both physical and virtual, along with storage and networking services across Veritas globally including Lab and employee-facing services such as Tech Stops, Service Desk, endpoints like laptops and mobile devices, and collaboration tools like Zoom, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

With workplace services we provide a safe and secure offices enabling our employees to perform their work effectively, collaborate with colleagues, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. It encompasses a broad range of services and initiatives that contribute to overall employee satisfaction, well-being, and organizational success.

With the addition of workplace services we now have the opportunity to look at the end-to-end employee experiences working in both in offices and remotely.”

When it comes to finding the right candidates for his teams, Ben looks for individuals who align with the company's culture and values. Demonstrating a team-oriented approach and the ability to challenge the status quo are crucial attributes. Given the complexity of infrastructure services, relevant skills and qualifications are also essential, with a security-first mindset being highly valued.

But Ben's life isn't all about work. Ben tells us, “We enjoy weekends when the family and grandkids can come over to swim, play games, and cookout.”

Before joining Veritas, Ben served in the United States Marine Corps. He enlisted in his junior year of high school in 1983.

I wanted to join the best of the best when I was young and always saw the US Marines in that category.”

The Marines' reputation for excellence and his family's military background influenced his decision. Ben scored well on the ASVAB and was offered a jet mechanic field, a role he eagerly accepted. During his four years of service, he trained to work on A4 Skyhawk and AV8B Harrier II aircraft, proudly serving in the VMA223 Bulldog squadron based in Cherry Point North Carolina and managed to make the rank of sergeant (E5).

The military taught me the meaning of teamwork and that we were, all the same, no matter the color, race, or beliefs we grew up with.  When I think of the cultural values of one team at Veritas, this resonates with me.”

To build a strong and successful career, he advises focusing on roles that play to your strengths and being open to learning, by cultivating a growth mindset.

If you enjoyed learning about Ben Hill’s career progression, a Veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps, and now VP of Information Technology at Veritas, consider joining us to grow your career! Check out our careers page and Employee Value Proposition to learn more.

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