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Inside Veritas September 08, 2023

A shy person growing up, Huzefa embraced his outgoing and humorous self when he started college. He flexed his funny bone through impromptu stand-up performances within his close-knit groups and realized the joy of making others laugh. This journey from shyness to self-expression marked a significant personal transformation and helped him learn how to strike a balance between social interactions and moments of introspection. Adding to this, his passion for working with people set the stage for a fulfilling career in human resources, with his first role out of college  being an advisor for business processing outsourcing at WNS Global services right out of college.

As Huzefa progressed in his career, he appreciated the immense value of relationships and networking in the workplace. He believes that building strong connections with colleagues, mentors, and industry peers not only offers support and guidance, but also opens doors to new opportunities. Huzefa firmly lives by the adage, “‘network is net worth” and shares that he has come to embrace failures as steppingstones to success. 

When it comes to Veritas, Huzefa’s favorite aspects about working here are the great work culture and collaborative environment. He believes this setting nurtures diverse perspectives, knowledge sharing, and innovative thinking, leading to the generation of novel ideas and solutions. Huzefa feels that Veritas has invested in his professional growth through continuous training, skill enhancement sessions, and ample opportunities to thrive. The satisfaction and personal development he gained from being a part of Veritas has truly cemented his commitment to the organization.

While managing the University Relations (UR) team, Huzefa strives to ensure a diverse slate of candidates to create a culture of inclusivity and innovation. The UR team is constantly on the lookout for individuals who have a thirst for learning, innovative mindset, and strong technical proficiency. New graduates bring fresh perspective that contributes immense value to our organization. Besides technical skill, the UR team looks for effective communication, adaptability, analytical and critical thinking, and a continuous learning mindset. 

In closure, Huzefa stresses the importance of understanding the role you’re applying for, highlighting relevant skills, and adding achievements and accolades as they give room for conversation. It goes without saying that one must be prepared for the interview and learn about the company.

Are you interested in joining Veritas as an intern or a new graduate? Check out our open roles here, and learn more about the Veritas University Relations program on LinkedIn. 

Hashmeet Sahani
Visual Designer – Employment Brand
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