Meet the Hiring Manager: Dan Gagliardi

Veritas Perspectives July 13, 2023

I recently had the privilege of connecting with Dan, a seasoned IT professional who serves as one of Veritas’ Directors of Product Management on the Cloud Service Provider acceleration team. With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in the industry, Dan shared his perspectives about his role and deep passion for his work.

My primary responsibilities encompass closely working with our product teams, across the company portfolio to maximize the Veritas relationship with our cloud service providers and bring new and compelling solutions to market.”

Join me in diving deeper into Dan's remarkable journey and insights!

My first job was working at my father’s construction company as a bricklayer at the age of 12. I hated the job, but it helped me develop my work ethic that I leverage today. During those early years, while everyone my age was playing, I had to go to a job site, and it wasn’t as fun as what the other kids were doing. With immigrant parents from Italy, I had to be responsible and reliable at a young age. Reflecting on that experience, I now see how it positively influenced who I became today.

Obtaining an engineering degree, I worked for an engineering firm for three years as a Civil Engineer but in the last 90s, the market had changed as Engineering projects largely funded by the government stalled. I was concerned about future opportunities and making money, and then realized that working in the tech industry would be a better move considering the financial potential. I fell back on my minor degree of IT, quickly secured a job as a database developer and have now been in IT for the past 25 years acting in every role within the software development lifecycle and founding several companies (with successful exists). I’ve been based in Ottawa, Canada for most of my career but my most fond professional memory was working in Seattle for a large telecom company, leading database development. but now reside in Ottawa, Canada.

If I’m not working in tech or advising startups, I love to be active. In the summer, I enjoy running, golfing, and since I live in a multi-season country, in the winter I enjoy downhill and skiing and playing ice hockey. As a remote worker, working from home, I spend most of the day online, but I make time regularly to participate in family game nights with my two daughters, age 19 and 21 and my wife. It’s a great way to reconnect with the family and get updated on the day’s events while having fun

What is your role and how do you drive impact at Veritas?

As the Lead Product Manager for the Cloud Service Provider Acceleration team, I’m responsible for nurturing the company’s investment in the public cloud service providers. At my previous company, HubStor, I was the Chief Revenue Officer and have been heavily engaged in the product management and pricing of our Alta SaaS Protection solution. I create and take high-quality products that are in demand and produce sales to the market.

What’s your favorite aspect about working at Veritas?

While we’re a large company, under Simon Jelley, I still get to operate and work as if I’m at a start-up, but with the support and infrastructure of a large company. Despite the company’s size, I’m still able to pursue opportunities aggressively. Our leadership encourages us to be bold and execute.

What’s been the most impactful lesson(s) you’ve learned as you progressed your career?

Be clear and concise in communication. Most people think in terms of a story, so I try to create a compelling narrative every time I speak to my stakeholders, whether they are internal or external stakeholders. Focus on working backward from your customer and be customer centric. Think about how your decision impacts the customer and how, if you were the customer, the decision would impact you. Follow through with what you say you’re going to do – don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and be certain about what you’re going to say.

You’re hiring! What are the most in-demand skills your team is looking for?

Product Managers are the mini-CEOs of their products. They own the value proposition of the product, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and think strategically. Some valuable skills include having clear communication skills, the ability to juggle multiple tasks concurrently, a strong understanding and empathy with customers (e.g., why they buy technology), and are able to leverage a product.

What top three tips would you give someone who wants to apply for a role or submit their resume to you?

  1. Previous PM experience is great, and preferred, but if you don’t have it, show that you have critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.
  2. Will you own your product? Think like a CEO (e.g., pricing, customers, and inventory). Take full-scope ownership and present your mindset and vision accordingly.
  3. Great PMs are a unique hybrid of business and tech, looking at the value chain of the product. In which direction will you move to enhance the benefit and impact of the product? Demonstrate clear and concise communication skills and plan the evolution of the product and demand.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Dan Gagliardi’s career progression and career insights. Consider joining us to grow your career! See below for the positions Dan’s team is hiring for, and check out our careers page and Employee Value Proposition for more opportunities.

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