Meet Chaitanya Deshpande, Boomerang Talent at Veritas

Veritas Perspectives April 19, 2023

Meet Chaitanya Deshpande, a Principal Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineer with a decade of experience at Veritas.

Chaitanya Deshpande first joined the Veritas team in 2008 and left in 2016 but couldn't stay away for long. In January 2020, he re-joins the company that he likes to call "home."

"For me, Veritas feels like home," says Chaitanya Deshpande. "I feel excited and happy when working here. I realized that there’s no other place like Veritas, which provides a great salary, work-life balance, career guidelines, resources to increase your skillsets, and most importantly, respect for the work you do."

As a Principal SQA Engineer, Chaitanya Deshpande is responsible for the NetBackup system testing and other related integrated products. This includes stress, longevity, scale, and integration testing.

When asked about their favorite benefit at Veritas, Chaitanya Deshpande highlighted the company's healthcare benefits and the Applause Awards, which recognize the impact and contributions of employees. They believe it is important to show gratitude to teammates for the impact they make on the team.

Throughout his career, Chaitanya Deshpande has learned the importance of speaking up with innovative ideas and taking the lead on projects and tasks. They also emphasized the value of a positive attitude and hard work in achieving goals. They share, “Communication is key to bringing ideas to success.”

For those looking to break into the Quality Assurance field, Chaitanya Deshpande advises: "Follow your passion and show compassion and support for others who are trying to learn new skills. A goal without plan is just a wish, so make step-by-step plans to work towards attaining the skills in this space. A positive attitude and hard work are essential to achieving your dream and goal."

Chaitanya Deshpande has shared many of the things that make Veritas a great place for them to work and grow. Veritas is growing, and we’d love for you to consider joining us. Check out our careers page for opportunities:

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