Introducing NetBackup Flex Scale

Protection February 02, 2021

The phrase "the only constant is change" is often attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus. If Heraclitus worked in a modern datacenter, I think he would modify his insight into "the only constant is accelerating change."

Embracing Heraclitus' philosophy, Veritas has increased NetBackup to support enterprises as they introduce new workloads—from databases, to virtual environments, to clouds. NetBackup now supports over 800 workloads, and last week, Veritas introduced NetBackup Flex Scale to address the latest trends in the modern data center.

The cloud has changed the way organizations deploy and maintain IT infrastructure. They are building hybrid and private clouds to take advantage of public cloud-like agility, scalability, and ease of use while maintaining control over their data and meeting regulatory requirements. Correspondingly, there is a shift to building data centers using off-the-shelf servers to take advantage of economies of scale and minimize costs.

Cloud agility also necessitates self-service, including application data protection and disaster recovery. Application owners who are not experts in data protection want simple, API-driven, automated systems.

The NetBackup Flex Scale deployment option offers organizations the flexibility to deploy NetBackup as a scale-out, automated data protection service. Veritas always starts with data protection first. Rather than adapting NetBackup to a standard scale-out file system, Veritas designed a new containerized deployment architecture that enables the scaling of NetBackup services, performance, and capacity.

As data protection demands increase, performance and capacity are automatically scaled. There is no need to over-provision for future growth. Adding nodes automatically increases distributed, cluster-wide resources. NetBackup Flex Scale software is delivered on Veritas validated off-the-shelf servers, providing enterprise-class data protection and hardware commonality in the data, reducing costs, and simplifying provisioning and management.

NetBackup can be deployed as a software-only solution or on NetBackup Appliances, NetBackup Flex Appliances, and now as an automated, scale-out solution with NetBackup Flex Scale. An organization must optimize its data protection infrastructure based on the number of workloads it runs, the types of users accessing data protection, and the environment, including remote offices, a centralized data center, or the cloud. A one-size deployment model does not fit all, and multiple point products drive up complexity and increase risks. Only NetBackup provides the capability for organizations to optimize their data protection and total cost of ownership (TCO) with the right mix of deployment options for all workloads, users, and environments.

With the introduction of the NetBackup Flex Scale hyperconverged scale-out deployment option, Veritas delivers complete, enterprise-wide data protection and disaster recovery aligned to the needs of the workload: scale-up, scale-out, and cloud-native NetBackup. 

NetBackup Flex Scale is the latest proof that Veritas has embraced Heraclitus' insight. As data centers continue to change at an accelerating rate, you can depend on NetBackup to protect all of your workloads today and into the future.

To find out more about NetBackup Flex Scale, visit the Appliance Solutions page on and watch the recordings of the Flex Scale announcement and technical breakout sessions from the Conquer Every Cloud Virtual Conference.

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Roger Stein
Product Marketing Manager, Appliances
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