Easily Manage Data Protection Across your Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Data Landscape

Protection October 27, 2023

Enterprises have data sprawled across multiple private and public clouds making it challenging to manage data protection operations across their entire data landscape. Some of these challenges include:

  • Managing multiple operating procedures for the various cloud solutions
  • Maintaining multiple support contracts and service organizations
  • Controlling and optimizing costs
  • Having a global view to simplify management and ensure proper protection across the entire organization

To easily manage a hybrid and multi-cloud solution, you need a comprehensive data protection solution that provides cyber resilient enterprise-level protection and operates the same way regardless of where the data resides. One that gives you the flexibility to easily manage at the organization / tenant level and also at the enterprise level. This is a key design principle of the Veritas hybrid and multi-cloud solution. 

Veritas Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Data Protection, a single solution to manage your entire environment

Veritas delivers a single solution that provides flexibility to run and store your backups in the public and private cloud with a simple way for all admins to be able to manage their entire data protection solution from a single UI or common APIs. This allows you to have clear visibility into where all your data copies are located at any point in time, so that you can protect and recover easily. It also gives you the flexibility to maintain the same data protection strategy, whether you shift your applications between storage tiers, cloud service providers, or repatriate them back to on-premises systems. This also allows you the option to do restores to the same location, or to an alternate site in a different cloud environment.

Operational simplicity is at the heart of the design with built-in automation that includes:

  • Control storage lifecycle policies that determine where your data is stored and for how long
  • Automatic detection and application of protection policies for new workloads 
  • Deployment of private cloud data protection solution
  • Non-disruptive scaling
  • Node replacement
  • Intelligent load balancing
  • Automatic detection and recovery from hardware and software failures
  • Simultaneous patching and upgrades
  • Provisioning public cloud storage 

An intuitive management interface that allows an administrator to manage everything from a single tool is also a key to ensuring operational simplicity.

Whether you are an admin in charge of the data protection within your org everything, including NetBackup instances, cloud-based storage, and the private cloud infrastructure, can be managed from a single UI regardless of where your data resides across clouds.

Unified management of all jobs accross private and public clouds

Infrastructure management within the same UI

Or you are an admin that needs a global view of all your enterprise data protection across all organizations / tenants that can also be managed from a single UI.

Enterprise level view of entire protection landscape

No matter where your data exists, you will always face challenges related to protecting against cyber and ransomware attacks. The attack surface open to a hacker increases significantly when your environment includes multiple silos and locations. And the complexity of managing the sprawl offers opportunities for bad actors to sneak into your environment and wreak havoc. 

The Veritas hybrid and multi-cloud solution reduces the attack surface by protecting all data within a single platform. It’s enterprise view also ensures complete and unified visibility of all data stored across the clouds ensuring all your data is protected appropriately.  It includes multiple layers of protection such as:

  • Immutable WORM storage for your public and private cloud 
  • AI/ML-based anomaly detection 
  • Policy-based image retention 
  • KMS in-flight encryption
  • Integrated malware scanning
  • Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE) (air gap) options
  • Non-disruptive ransomware recovery rehearsals 

Additionally, the private cloud solution includes a comprehensive immutable and indelible infrastructure designed with zero trust architecture.  

This results in a solution that is secure by design and protects against multiple attack vectors including:

  • Network: Preventing network access to backup systems and providing an isolated environment that stores an additional backup copy of essential data
  • Users: Adding an extra layer of protection from password theft to prevent unauthorized login, which is the easiest method for attackers to gain access to a system
  • Application and OS: Strictly limiting user and process permissions and isolating service access permissions so that even if an attacker was able to enter a system via a stolen password, they would have limited rights to any action
  • Storage: Highly restricting access to your filesystem and destructive operations

When it comes to optimizing costs, cloud providers often make it difficult to fully predict, with many hidden backup operational costs. They charge for what you use and don’t offer any deduplication tools to reduce the amount of stored data. Veritas lowers your cloud costs by providing:

  • A storage-as-a-service option that provides predictable storage costs without hidden egress costs  

  • Advanced global deduplication which preserves deduplication savings between storage locations and leads to significant savings in both the private and public cloud by:

  • Decreasing your infrastructure and licensing costs 

  • Reducing the amount of network bandwidth consumed by backup and recovery operations

  • Lowering your recovery point objective with faster and more frequent backups, and shorter backup windows 

  • Up to 98% reduction in storage needs and overall carbon footprint

In summary, having a unified platform eliminates the cost of architecting, managing, and supporting multiple independent silos in the cloud and on-premises and reduces the ransomware attack surface.  This helps eliminate the complexity of silo sprawl, which also better protects your data against cyber criminals. 

For more information check out this lightboard video, demo video, and white paper

Sandra Moulton
Dir, Solutions Architect
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